The Flickr Attribution Helper: Your New BFF

The Flickr Attribution Helper is a free and easy to install bookmarklet which allows you to attribute images correctly, in accordance with Creative Commons licensing, easy peasy er lemon squeezy.

It really is SO easy to use; it is worth a little singsong about it. Thanks to the clever coding skills of Alan Levine @cogdog, you can add this bookmarklet to your browser and never again ponder if your image is allowed under Creative Commons or, how to credit it. 

How to download the Flickr Attribution Helper

You can download the Flickr Attribution Helper at cogdog here at the Cog Dog Blog. Simply drag Flickr Attribution Helper bookmarklet up to your browser’s bookmarks bar and then let go and voila - the bookmarket javascript will install in your browser in an instant. 

Now that you have your Flickr Attribution Helper bookmarklet installed in your toolbar, you can now go to Flickr, do a search on an image you fancy after you select ’creative commons images only.’

Once you have an image that you like the look of, click on it and then go up to the toolbar and click on your bookmarklet. As if by magic, all the details you need (including a hyperlink to the original source) will appear, ready for you to copy and paste and give full credit to the creator. 

Step by step:

  • Select the image you intend to use in your blog post or presentation
  • Click on your Flickr Attribution Helper bookmarklet in your toolbar
  • Copy the information that you are provided to attribute the creator
  • Create a direct link to the original image

 Example: I found a nice juicy orange on Flickr which is cut in half and looks all fresh, orangey and yummy. Such a good picture, it made your mouth water just looking at it. 

Step 1: select your orange image in Flickr (under the ‘Creative Commons’ search)

Step 2: click on your bookmarklet for the attribution details to appear

Step 3: Paste the attribution details to your document, as below; 
Attribution details: (orange) creative commons licensed (BY-NC-SA) flickr photo by

Why is the Flickr Attribution Helper so good?

With just the click of a button, you are given all of the information that you need to credit, and link to an image under the Creative Commons license. 

I use the Flickr Attribution tool most days, or at least a few times a week. Using this ingenious bookmarklet means that, not only does it mean that I can be confident that an image I have selected is definitely available for free use under the Creative Commons license, but I have all the details I need without any searching. Perfect! 

It’s important to have a good check that the image you are using is available for you to use. There’s nothing more heartbreaking in terms of image selection than finding the PERFECT image and falling head over heels in love with it, only to discover that you can’t use it because it’s not available under the Creative Commons license. 

Don’t let images break your heart. Check them first with the Flickr Attribution Tool. If you’d like to find more resource that hold free images under the Creative Commons license, take a look at this earlier post for ideas - Budget Blogger: 7 resources for free images

Happy image crediting. 


Image with thank to Jones Tana: creative commons licensed (BY-NC-ND) flickr photo by Jonas Tana:

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