The Hidden Failures of a Corruptible Competition

danger robin williams

"Capital! Send the A&R with the firm offer. Interscope! If the answer is no you can write your own. But the frenzy Britt warned me of has just begun. Their cash-cow killed himself so they’re looking for the next one."

-- Desaparecidos, "Backsell"

The hidden failures of a corruptible competition are everywhere and all around us. The signs and symptoms, however, get buried under a mass of constant work and information. And only those who are paying attention, in the gaps, are realizing the collapse of our civilization, as it stands -- and what it truly stands for. We are being squeezed and pressured to assimilate into a system that has been corrupted. The trickle-down effect is present in our morals and social lives. Even our Almighty celebrities seem to be dropping like turds.

Why? And what does this mean?

Our political system is under a tremendous amount of weight. The United States and its closest allies have undergone a lot of changes in the past few generations. Technology has totally transformed not only how we view ourselves and the world -- it has also transmogrified our financial system into a monopolistic, up-to-the-second behemoth of looting, robbing, creating money out of thin air, and pumping our markets full of that hot gas.

And the result?

We were all affected, by this continual scheming and manipulating of the minds of the populace and the tainted spending power of local and state governments. Not only that, but the collectivized pressures to keep us entertained. The entertainment industry is effervescently exploding with hot air. Movies, music, cell phones, theme parks, theaters -- the list goes on and on. But while we have been kept busied with work and indulge in our entertainment, these changes around us have not ceased. We have only groomed our habits and locked into our positions in society. While the world around us kept endlessly spinning, we were hoping to become better and more accustomed to our lives.

"Read the part and return at 5. It’s a hell of a role, if you can keep it alive. But I don’t care if I fuck up. I’m going on a date with a rich white lady. Ain’t life great? Give me one good reason not to do it."

-- Elliott Smith, "King’s Crossing"

Since everything that makes up our social, labor and economic structures is now so inter-connected, we feel the ripples that drip down from high above us like Chinese water torture. We cannot get away from it. And that kind of psychological weight is crushing us.

If our future is being sold in order to pay for our past and present mistakes and indifferent decisions, then why are we so surprised when this corruptible competition leaves another human being by the wayside? We are all trying to do what we can for ourselves, and each other. Maybe. But the point remains that we are being sucked into the vacuum of what our financial system represents. And not everyone can stay sane in a world that is driven by what the public demands.

"And I am sure that at my death the truth will float on god’s sweet breath. Until that time, don’t ask for me. Behind this veil is where I’ll be. At one with the dirt. I’m at peace, sainted in waiting for my perfect pain to speak for me for good."

-- Kevin Devine, "Awake In The Dirt"

There are sensitive souls, delicate people and persons that don’t equate money with happiness. (Can you imagine?) When they are forced into participating in something -- whether they want to or not -- most of us don’t really understand why these "unstable" people buckle, drift or get left behind. Only in the news, when it is shoved into our faces, do we respond with an outcry that "depression" is a terrible disease. Or that person suffered from some kind of an addiction because they just couldn’t deal.

Well, no shit.

Why should human beings have to deal with all of the pressures which have been shackled to humanity and shoveled into our lives like loosened dirt ready and waiting to bury us?

They shouldn’t. And that’s what most people do not comprehend. How tricked and treated humanity is to the pleasures that we are allowed to receive. Make no mistake, we are only as free as the politics of our local economies allow. And when we begin to see and feel how tethered we are to a corruptible competition -- that umbilical which is now so illegal from which to disconnect -- some of us wilt and cave. Some of us go quietly, or without a sound. Not even a whimper. Just a newspaper headline, with a story that describes how clearly visible the signs and symptoms were, leading up to a terrible and tragic death.

"It’s a virus of silence."

-- RX Bandits, "Hope Is A Butterfly, No Net Its Captor"

But what’s really tragic is the strangling of a country that doesn’t know it is losing its air supply. America is on life-support. And the only new direction to steer us back to healthy competition is going to have to come from us. We are going to have to wake up to the facts that more people are going to struggle, more people are going to silently suffer, and more people are going to feel the pulling of their souls from their bodies. The force that demands is without mercy.

Without mercy, kindness, compassion and positive foresight, we begin to lose our humane connections with each other, and with the world. And that is what a corruptible competition robs from us the most.

It steals our souls and smashes them into something profitable. This is something most people just go along with, because that is what they were taught to do. They don’t know any better.

But there is more to this world than what we know or realize or understand. Marketable trends and conforming to the competition that is demanded of us. This is the evolution for which we so confusedly consider as a humane society.

Our souls were not made for this. They were made for something better.

And until we create something better, we are going to have to live with the pressures of financial corruption and competition that forgoes the individual for a fat profit margin.

"Made a little money playing in the bars with two beat-up drums and two old guitars. From the Crescent City to the great Salt Lake -- it ain’t what you got, it’s what you make."

-- Shovels and Rope, "Birmingham"

Empowerment within this country is becoming a lost art. And we will lose more souls to this corruptible competition, if we cannot learn to be accepting and more helpful and considerate.

Open your eyes. We are more than just resumes or employees.

And the people that know this, in their hearts, they are the ones who are being robbed of their senses, which are apparently expendable in this competitive world.

But can’t we change that? Can’t we change our attitudes?

I do not think that we need Presidents nor Wall St. nor Hollywood, nor anything else for that matter, to determine our futures. We just need to realize everything we ignore and take for granted.

We need to appreciate each other more than we need to compete and step over each other’s heads.

While we are still alive. While we still have each other.


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