The Homeless Coder Is Still Homeless

Sometimes even the most noble of intentions, do not yield the best results. Patrick McConlogue a 23 year old programmer saw a homeless man lifting chains for exercise. He saw this almost every day while walking to work. This motivated McConlogue to speak to Leo Grand, he offered him $100 or free coding lessons and a laptop. Grand chose the latter and McConlogue started a blog documenting the journey, to high criticism, but also a lot of publicity.

It would be unfair to both McConlogue and Grand to assume anything negative about McConlogue’s intentions or if he had a devious agenda. One thing is for sure, the McConlogue of the follow-up video is much more cynical and jaded, he speaks very little and has a look of indignation on his face.

Maybe he was expecting more, from his labors, maybe he feels guilty but helpless. Again it’s not my position to judge. I just hope that Leo finds his way off the streets with his abilities and drive.

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