The Ice Bucket Challenge: Proof That You are Not Using Social Media Correctly

If you have ever wondered just how much you are hurting your career ambitions or your own business by not investing time and effort into making the most of social media, you need only take a look at how the Ice Bucket Challenge has become a viral sensation. If social media can get millions of people to drop a bucket of ice water on their heads in questionable name of raising money or at the very least (in most cases) awareness of ALS--otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease--then surely it can do something positive for your career or business. 

Think about the entire concept of raising money or awareness for an extremely rare disease by getting people to dump a bucket of ice cold water over their heads. The disconnect between ambition and realization could not be more striking. Billionaires have taken part in this challenge. The famous and the infamous have taken part. People who will never be known outside their own homes. All uploading videos of themselves dropping ice buckets onto their heads. 

The Ice Bucket Challenge could have been just another crazy stunt to raise awareness of a disease that got no further than a Jeannie Moos segment on CNN. Some have argued that it should never have even gotten to that state of publicity.  The anti-challenge memes speak for themselves.  Just check out the image attached to this article for a real splash in the face of ice cold reality. Imagine how many people’s lives might be saved today if all the water that has been wasted by millionaires and celebrities taking the Ice Bucket Challenge had instead been sent to parts of the world where access to water is not so easily found. 

From the perspective of furthering your career ambitions or increasing the profits of your business, that disconnect between how many lives are being saved by the Ice Bucket Challenge versus how many lives could have been saved by not taking the Ice Bucket Challenge becomes the whole point. Imagine if the power of social media and the potential for wildly viral success were tapped not for the purposes of zany self-promotion by those who really don’t need it, but for targeted self-promotion by those who really do need it. 

The fact that the Ice Bucket Challenge has moved from barely known gimmick to worldwide sensation might be horrifically terrifying news for anyone living in conditions where they are forced to use the same source of water as both fountain and sewer. At the same time, it’s great news for anyone living where they might actually hear about it. The very fact that social media with its viral capacity has turned wasting water into an opportunity for Justin Timberlake to become even more famous by wasting water in a region of America where doing the same thing in less socially acceptable ways has earned thousands of people fines should be viewed with the lure of high promise. 

Imagine what you could do with a social media campaign that isn’t nearly as difficult for so many people to swallow!





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