The Importance of Adaptive Innovators

Former Apple CEO John Sculley, argues that every successful entrepreneur needs to see the big picture when it comes to their domain. It is hence imperative to have an insight into how markets and companies operate and how business gets done. On the contrary, if you are restricting yourself to your own little domain and are not curious to know what your competitors are doing or how market trends are changing and willing to adapt to the new situation, then you are bound to fail. However, when your limits go beyond what you can imagine, then you have more chance of making the most of potential opportunities and thrive.

Different Domains

According to Sculley, the key to developing an adaptive innovator’s mindset is to have a team of experts from different domains. The reason for this is that they can approach problems in different ways.

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In this video, ex-Apple CEO talks about the right way to learn entrepreneurship, giving specific examples of big companies that managed to connect the dots between disparate domains and how they adapted to that.

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