The Importance of Having Friends at Work – Infographic

There’s no doubt that most full-time employees spend more time at work that they do at home. Globeforce, the leader in employee recognition, found that 78 % of individuals who work 30 to 50 hours a week spend more time with colleagues than with their families. Undoubtedly, the workplace is a live breathing thing and friends make the most important relationship in any workplace.

It’s not only nice to have friends at work, it is also important for boosting work morale and productivity as well as alleviating the effects of workplace stress.

So how important is a workplace friendship to employees? Here are some hints provided to you by OfficeVibe

  • Friends at work is the key to a happy working life for more than two thirds (70%) of employees
  • 58% of men and 74% of women would reject a higher paying job if it involved bad relationships with coworkers.
  • Half of employees said that they better identify with their company with a best friend at work.

Interestingly, employees that have a best friend at work:

  •   Are more likely to receive praise in the last 7 days
  •   Benefit from a more personal development support
  •   Have a higher commitment to quality
  •   Are more likely to receive feedback about their progress in the last 6 months

Office friendships really matter and are directly associated with engagement and productivity. Employers should create an inspiring workplace that encourages conversation and allows employees to hang out in their free time. Supportive and dependable relationships improve employee engagement and maintain a sense of belonging at a firm.


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