The Importance of Sending Speculative CVs

When searching for your dream job, it is important to utilize all methods of applying for a vacancy, from online applications to registering with recruitment consultancies. One of the more overlooked methods is to send out your CV to companies that are not currently looking to fulfill a vacancy. Why would you waste your time you might ask?...Well, many companies will keep your CV on file and contact you as soon as a relevant position arises! Alternatively, many companies hire through discreet 3rd party recruitment agencies so by applying to them directly, you may find that they do infact have a position to fill. It's all about the invisible jobs market and knowing how to work it.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

#1 Compile a list of your chosen companies

It is wise to compile a list of all the companies within the industry of expertise you are interested in and then email your CV with a cover letter stating that you would like them to keep your CV for future reference should a suitable role come up. Be sure to mention interesting facts about their company that you have learned, and try to show off your skills that would likely be of interest to them!

#2 Tailor your CV

It is vitally important that you tailor your CV and cover letter to each company to imply that you are  interested in a job specificallywith that company. If you speculatively send out mass CVs and cover letters that are generalized in description, it will imply to the companies receiving the CV that you are simply looking for a jobany job. This could also result in your email being reported as spam.

Provided your CV and cover letter, eye catchy and engaging, your application will typically be saved and you will be viewed as an eager potential employee. However, if you send your CV out with a completely generalized format, this could be more detrimental to your potential future career with that company should the company eventually advertise for a vacancy.

#3 Get a head start

If you have a company in mind that you want to work for, sending a speculative CV can give you a head start in the recruitment process should they require someone of your skill set in the near future. Typically, companies will save all speculative CVs on a database and will contact you should a suitable role arise. What you need to remember is that getting a job in today's market is like running a race: if you're not fast, your last! Be sure to get your foot in the door wherever possible, grad every opportunity with both hands, and always be proactive in your job seeking strategy.


Good luck!




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