The Importance of the Power Suit

Being an office manager comes with a number of responsibilities, from managing and motivating employees to overlooking projects and performing optimally. Another aspect of becoming a manager is the wardrobe that comes with it – their look is supposed to be professional, elegant and classy. The expectations of a manager’s wardrobe are immense therefore if you are in this position it is imperative that you dress the part!

Dress for Success

The staple attire of an office manager is a suit.  If you wish to dress to impress, it is important to wear a well fitted and tailored suit. Wearing a professional suit will make you exude confidence, power and authority. Dressing in loose, traditional and baggy suits is likely to demonstrate an unprofessional approach and your employees are likely not to take your seriously as a figure of authority.

The following is a guide on the modern suit:

Shoulders: the shoulders of your suit should not hang off your shoulders, instead they should fit perfect around the edge of your shoulder. An alteration on the shoulder of suits is quite costly therefore you should try getting a suit that fits your shoulders perfectly.

Lapels: in the contemporary suit, the lapels of the suit are slim and sharp, instead of the traditional wide and dowdy look. The width of the suit lapels should be the same as the width of the tie.

Arm Hole: make sure that the arm hole fits around your arm and does not hang loose around your shoulder.

Buttons: the buttons of the jacket should not be straining over your waist. They should sit properly on your torso, fitting tightly yet comfortably.  3 buttons is pushing it a bit, with most modern suits having just 2 buttons.

Cuffs: the suit sleeve should end nearer to your wrist, allowing some of your suit shirt sleeve to show. Note: sleeves should not be covering any part of your hand!

Pants: the suit pants should complement the slim fit of the suit jacket. Make sure that the pants fit close to your leg and are not baggy or frumpy.

It’s all in the Details

As a manager, your role comes with a certain stigma – power and authority are just two aspects that a sharp suit will exude, but class and elegance are features that come from detail.

The following are some accessories that you should take into consideration:

Shoes: every man should own a pair of proper professional black lace up shoes. Round-toes shoes are considered to be more professional than square shoes as they are traditional yet modern. Tip: always wear polished shoes that have unmarked leather.

Tie: the modern suit is slim fit and sharp, rather than the traditional boxy and baggy suit - this applies to the ties as well. Slim ties are more common nowadays than wide ties, with silk being the most common material. When you wear your tie, make sure that it reaches your belt and is not higher or lower than it.

Watch: it all likes in the details! As a manager, your watch is probably the most obvious status symbol. Wear a watch that adds class to your suit in an understated manner, rather than something flashy.

Belt: the color of your belt should complement your shoes, tie and handkerchief. It is advised to wear a leather belt that has a normal sized buckle and refrain from flashy large ones.