The Minimalist Life: How to Live a Rich Life With Less Stuff [Video]

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you owned less stuff? Even though this would result in having fewer clothes, furniture or gadgets, it would also mean that you would experience less anxiety and stress after having successfully de-cluttered your life from those things that you don’t really need.  

This minimalistic concept of enjoying a better life with less is reinforced by the idea that you shouldn’t live to work, but work to live. If all you do is live paycheck to paycheck, and use your money to buy more stuff that only ends up in the back of your closet, then it means that you don’t enjoy life as much as you should, and you are focusing on the wrong things.

In order to find meaning and purpose, you just have to make things simpler for yourself. At least this is what Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus say in this video. Also known as The Minimalists, these two guys talk about how the American dream can easily trick you into thinking that you are happy when in reality you aren’t and explain how they came to realise that through their own experiences. Having Colin Wright, Joshua Becker, Courtney Carver and Leo Babauta as their major influencers, the two minimalists have learned the secret to hacking life.  

In this video, they talk about the benefits of minimalism and the impact it has over your quality of life. So, if you want to start living intentionally, listen to what these guys have to say and learn how to differentiate real happiness over the amount of money that you currently have in the bank.

So what does being rich and successful really mean to you? Let me know in the comments section below!