The most Comprehensive Online Directories for Small Businesses

As a small business, attracting new customers can be a tough task. Gone are the days when people used to go to the Yellow Pages for finding local business ideas; today, professionals turn to the internet to find trusted business recommendations. Two core ways your small business website can be searched is by inclusion online directories, and promotion through social media.

Limiting your social media promotion can lead you to miss opportunities to get found by online searchers.

Comprehensive Online Directories

Make sure you’re listed as a businessman in both small and large online directories. If you find it tough to fill every form individually, then here’s an autofill add-on for Firefox users to ease your work. I have compiled a list of major directories that can guarantee that your business exists everywhere in the world of internet.

1. Vango 

Vango is an excellent marketplace for artists and businessmen. For the start-ups, it has removed the pain of pricing, and has limited it to five price points under $2000.




2. Amazon 

Amazon has bunch of options to showcase your services and products. You can either submit your website to its affiliate programmers, or can sign up for a personal account and initiate e-commerce website. Amazon is one of the most powerful and most visited platforms for sellers and buyers. Having your own e-commerce store at this hub means you’ve the opportunity to target the right audience for successful sales.


3. Ananasa 

Ananasa is the central website for fashion designers and handmade item sellers of Middle East. Open a store by filling a simple form. The businessmen have the scope of using this platform for free, but to avail all of its features, you’re better to pay a small fee and become a premium member. The support staff at Ananasa provides sufficient assistance and guidance about how to avail all of its offers. They offer free marketing help to local businessmen.


job search
job search

4.  AxisWeb

AxisWeb is a UK based web directory and marketplace. Here the global businessmen are welcomes to create their own web shops. If you’ve artistic skills, join museums, galleries and online selling points to let the world know about your existence. Make sure whatever you present to the customer on this platform is of high quality, because the competition among the sellers is extremely high. You’ll earn handsomely from every sale at AxisWeb on commission basis.


5.  b-uncut 

Build yourself as a creative director, consultant, or curator with this platform. B-uncut is a great way to find and outsource projects. Here you can set up personalized ecommerce business and gain worldwide repute. 20% commission rate is applied on every successful sale.


Doing business is very challenging, especially when you are new. Try your best to cultivate prosperity in a picturesque environment, and proceed cautiously. Run web-stores and submit your business websites at the above directories to increase your chances of success. Don’t limit your expectations and investments, because the secret of success lies only in the endless efforts. If you’d been using any other web directories, then share your experience with us!

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