The Most Entrepreneurial Countries in The World 2015

Business nowadays is very much an entrepreneur’s game and, across the globe, pioneers in the professional industries are making very real changes to the ways in which we think and act in life. Some of the most life-changing products and services have been put forward into the marketplace thanks to the ingenuity of the entrepreneur and it seems like, if you’re not launching a new product or business, then you’re missing out on a trick.

It’s fair to say that some countries across the world are more tuned into the entrepreneurial mindset than others. Each year, certain areas push out some of the most pioneering and innovative businesses ever seen, funding new ideas and innovative companies over all else. Constantly, the international entrepreneurial leaderboard shifts and changes, depending on which country has had their finger on the pulse of industry change. While the list shifts every day, there are some places which consistently seem to be at the top of their game, pushing the entrepreneurial envelope. In their national business ventures, they are paving the way for the rest of the world and proving just how things should be done.

1. United States

united states

As one of the most pioneering and dominant countries in the international business race, it’s hardly surprising that the United States pipped the other countries to take this year’s top spot. With an entrepreneurial performance rate of 86.2% according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index, the country is head and shoulders above the international business average. Thanks to its pushing of the entrepreneurial envelope, the US consistently highlights new businesses and company launches within the country, making people aware of the entrepreneurial activity going on under their noses. With fingers in technology and communications, as well as retail, the US is firing from every cylinder, creating a supportive and nurturing network for its entrepreneurs.

While the country has a whole slew of entrepreneurial ventures, there are some which have recently stood out over the course of the last few years. The founders behind the hugely successful Birchbox business have made a number of headlines for their entrepreneurial ventures. Delivering beauty products to your door, the service enables users to hand pick their own items, and create their own product. The sheer simplicity of the business has led it to grow tremendously and now, it has its own concept store, women’s magazine and lifestyle guide.

2. Canada


With strong links to the United States, as well as Europe and Asia, Canada has narrowly missed out on the top spot, claiming instead its place as the second most entrepreneurial country in the world. With a rating of 79.5%, it’s not a long way behind its neighbour in business, the US, and seems to be doing tremendous things for the national entrepreneurial scene. Like the US, Canada is renowned for highlighting the new business ventures and launches taking place within the country, supporting many new entrepreneurs as they make their way into the international field. Home to some of the most internationally diverse cities in the world, the country has strong links around the globe, making rapid growth for new countries very possible. Opportunities for Canadians have also rocketed up by 60% since 2002, making the country one of the fastest changing in the world.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country have been women, who have gained a lot of media interest from around the world. One of the top in Canada is Tonia Jahshan of Steeped Tea Inc., the founder behind a tea company that promotes a healthy way of life alongside its range of loose leaf teas and recipes. Having won a whole range of different awards, the company is very much on the up, now spreading across Canada and the neighbouring United States. Using social media to its advantage, Steeped Tea Inc. has spread its message far further than it could have on its own marketing back, reaching like minded customers across the country. Focusing on a friendly, customer-first vision, Steeped Tea Inc. is just one of the companies bringing the Canadian entrepreneurship to a wider audience.

3. Australia


Despite being positioned well away from some of its English speaking counterparts, Australia is way ahead of the entrepreneurial curve. With a rating of 78%, the country was close behind Canada on the ranking, and pushing its place on the business market. Despite being a quieter member of the business community, Australia is backing some exceptional entrepreneurial ventures within its shores, and pushing around the world. Some of the most successful businesses in the country have taken influence from major international corporations, with their founders using their experiences elsewhere in business to influence their own ventures. Many of the most successful, such as Jodie Fox of Shoes Of Prey, have used the online market to their advantage, reaching a larger, international audience in one fell swoop. Despite being positioned away from much of their market, the Australian entrepreneurs have found a way to make their businesses work for them.

4. Denmark


Heading the European race for entrepreneurial ventures, as well as narrowly missing out on the top spot in the international field, Denmark is forming a community network for its team of entrepreneurs. Coming in with a ranking of 76% in the Global Entrepreneurship Index, the European country came out on top for its sheer amount of product innovation, technology absorption and opportunities perceived in the marketplace. With a huge proportion of the population speaking English to a business level, the country is well positioned in the international business field, making reaching a wider audience very easy and much more accessible.

The country is so focused on the entrepreneurial market, in fact, that it has launched its very own government-led scheme, Start-up Denmark, designed to help people in business. Specifically focused on foreigners coming to the country from abroad, the scheme aims to help them to launch their businesses and link to other startups from around the world, ultimately growing their product as they do so. Opening up the door to the European and international job market, the scheme has been doing the country tremendous favours, and might be one of the reasons behind Denmark’s top ranking.

5. Sweden


Just behind Denmark is its neighbour in Europe, Sweden. Graced with a very similar culture and economy to its Scandinavian cousin, Sweden is also renowned for its innovative and unusual approach to business. Coming in with an index ranking of 75.9%, the country was just pipped to the post and in many cases, its entrepreneurial landscape might be considered to be on a par with that of Denmark’s. More than anything, social entrepreneurship seems to be a major part of the Swedish business scene, with people using their businesses to address potential problems that lie in the state. While the country has always been big in the digital market, it has since turned its attention elsewhere. Company Mattecentrum, for example, helps children to develop their maths skills for free, enabling them to improve their grades in school and ultimately secure a better future for themselves. Thanks to funding from the government, too, entrepreneurs of this kind are being encouraged to make a go of it in business, expanding the country’s capacity for business and their place in the international field.

The time to be an entrepreneur is now. With governments taking startups and new businesses more seriously than ever, there is a huge opportunity for new company owners to really make a go of their dream and change the face of their industry. While international entrepreneurship is currently at a capacity of just 52%, there are no signs that the startup game is going to stop any time soon. In fact, if things continue the way they are going, entrepreneurs might just crop up in every corner of the world, changing the face of business as we know it.

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