The Mustache Claims its Popularity Back in the Workplace

The 2013 Workplace Mustache Study, a quantitative survey about facial hair in the workplace undertaken by the American Mustache Institute (AMI) and Wahl Trimmers revealed that, after decades of discrimination, the mustache is reclaiming its rightful place on the job. 92% believe mustaches are appropriate for the workplace while 93% would recommend a job opening to a mustached friend.

Previous research revealed that mustaches were not favourable to all professions, with clean-shaved men seen as more reliable in roles such as salesmen and professors.

Among the most striking findings of the Workplace Mustache Study are:

Mustache Acceptance is High Among U.S. Workers; but low Among Immediate Supervisors

Among Americans surveyed, an overwhelming proportion agreed that mustaches are appropriate, beneficial and should be encouraged in the workplace, and 65% believed facial hair should be encouraged where they work.

The Modern Mustached American Works Hard

Among Americans surveyed, 82% have noticed Mustached Americans working hard (enduring longer hours at the office/place of work) while 73% noticed these hypersexual employees playing hard.

A majority of respondents associated mustached Americans with the workplace characteristics of professionalism (53%), firm handshakes (74%), and an overwhelming number of respondents note a sense of manliness/cocksmanship (85%), which was expected yet now confirmed.

Mustached Americans are a Fixture of the American Workplace for the Immediate Future

71% of Americans surveyed said they work with a Mustached American male or female at least once per week and more than 45% work daily with a person of facial hair. Just 9% are up-close and personal with a mustached co-worker as frequently as on the quarter-hour. Seventeen percent work with a mustached American once per year. Only 16% of respondents admitted they have never worked with a mustached colleague.

Interestingly, 78% of survey respondents argued they have either considered or are currently enjoying a sexually dynamic mustached American lifestyle.

Dr. Adam Paul Causgrove, American Mustache Institute Chief Executive Officer said that “the data is evidence of an explosion of acceptance of a sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle in the workplace”. Mr Causgrove predicts that this situation will gain full momentum by 2024.

Check out the inforgraphic provided by the American Mustache Institute to explore more interesting facts about the survey.  

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