The New iOS 8: Key Features for Business Professionals

Apple bursts onto the scene with the new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8, which includes a range of new interactive features for end users and especially business professionals. CEO Tim Cook deems iOS 8 “a huge release” as it is the biggest iOS release ever. The details and innovations it incorporates, add up to an even enhanced user experience. Due to be released this fall, the new system will update lots of existing features and add some new ones.

Apple’s new operating system will make the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, featuring high-end health and fitness apps as well as new productivity, security, and device management features.

Below are the key features that make the iOS 8 a dynamic and trustworthy business partner:

Outstanding Productivity and Data Management Features

Email Management

You have more options to get things done faster and easier with apps such as Mail and Calendar. If you have a busy inbox, you can mark messages as read or unread or flag them for follow-up with a quick swipe left or right. Also, you are able to assign individual mail threads as VIP so you can easily track updates to the conversation. In addition, there is a custom mailbox that groups VIP threads together.

For extra security, you can opt for having external email addresses marked in red. And if you use Exchange, you can set automatic reply messages from your iOS device to be sent, for example, when you’re away from work.


By using Calendar, you can check whether your colleagues are available for a meeting and quickly schedule for a time that works for everyone. It’s easier to create events that repeat at custom intervals and lengths of time, such as on the first Monday of every month. Interestingly, you can email meeting attendees from Calendar to let them know you’re running late.

Easier Access to Corporate Documents

Accessing documents has been made easier than ever with the new mobile operating system, as third-party document apps can make documents available to other apps. You can simply use an app that can access your corporate file servers and retrieve the document you need right from the app you want to edit it in. Not to mention that AirDrop – the system for sharing files between two devices – enables you to transfer files from your iOS device to a Mac computer (and vice-versa) even without an Internet connection.

Better Connectivity

Start a Task in One App and Resume in Another

The new mobile operating system has perfectly connected Apple devices – iPhone, iPad and Mac – to enable you to browse on your iPhone and continue from the same link on your iPad. The Handoff app lets you pick up right where you stopped, provided that your devices are signed in to the same iCloud account.

Access Your Work Across Multiple Apps

Similarly, you can start your work in one app and add the final details in another. For instance, you can create a chart in one app and add it in a slideshow using a presentation app. You don’t have to make copies or import data from one app to another.

Answer Calls or Text From Your iPad or Mac

Technological convergence on iOS 8 has taken communications functions to the next level. If someone calls you on your iPhone but you’re device is charging or it’s sitting in another room, you are able to answers the call on your iPad or Mac and send any kind of text messages from any of your Apple devices. 

 As far as Wi-Fi connectivity is concerned, if you are located out of Wi-Fi range, the new Instant Hotspot feature enables you connect to your phone’s personal hotspot when your iPhone is nearby.

Intelligent Search Engine

Spotlight, the search tool on iOS, is your right-hand assistant when it comes to looking for contacts, apps, trending news, Wikipedia entries, suggested websites, movie show times, places nearby etc. Spotlight goes beyond your device to find what you are looking for. You just need to consider context and location as the main criteria for your search.

Interactive Notifications

This function lets you reply to text messages, Facebook posts which you are tagged or view appointment reminders without abandoning the app you are using at hand. You can even reply with a voice recording, image or video and still use the app.

These are just a few apps that are particularly ideal for every professional who looks for incorporating efficiency and attention to detail in his work. The new iOS 8 sets out to provide you with an array of new enhanced tools and features that aim to add value to your everyday work.

Which of the features mentioned above appeal to you? How do you plan to use these features in the workplace? Please have your say in the comment section below.