The new iPhone 6 Likely to be Announced on September 9 – Excessive Rumors and its Effect

Apple is expected to unveil the much-awaited iPhone 6 on the 9 of September 2014. The tech giant has announced a mega media event in connection to its upcoming mobile phone next month. Ever since 2007, when Apple launched its first phone, the company has been releasing its range of products in the month of September. It is reported to have sold more than five hundred million devices till date.

Excessive rumors as usual

Rumors just before the release of any Apple product are usually unbelievably high. The iPhone 6 is no different in this regard.

Here is what we hear on the rumor roundups.

Apple’s new iPhone is believed to be launched in two different sizes – the 4.7 incher to be available first followed by the 5.5 incher. Both these versions are expected to be thinner than their predecessor – iPhone 5S, thanks to its new in-cell touch panel technology.

They might come in three different colors – gold, silver and grey like the iPhone 5S. The new device will also be powered by the all-new iOS 8 operating system, which Apple released in June.

Expandable Storage Option:One of the weakest points about the series of Apple phones is its lack of choice with its storage space. While iPhone has produced 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options in its latest devices, this might not be enough considering the growing app sizes and numbers and the availability of videos in high definitions. Apple could come up with a different way so that iPhone users could carry more content. Another alternative could be the inclusion of a 128GB model.  On the flip side, one might think ‘what is the need for local storage anymore when you have cloud services’?

The possibility of the birth of NFC: While many Android phones enjoy the unique feature, Apple is yet to see this technology in its ecosystem. Apple is believed to ignore this technology in favour of its iBeacon technology. With the release of iPhone 6, this scenario could change.



Sapphire Screen Cover: One of the killer-features of the new iPhone 6 could be a sapphire screen cover. Apple fans are believed to prefer the scratch-resistant cover over battery life.

Custom keyboards: Very similar to the Swype Android keyboard, iPhone will also feature a custom keyboard with its new iOS 8 operating system.

Based on previous improvisations with every iPhone release, the new iPhone 6 may show improved camera, higher resolution screen and better battery life. Other rumors suggest the inclusion of USB connector, 2GB RAM etc.

Effect of excessive Rumors

While there is no limit to rumors, the iPhone’s share of it is simply too much. This is owing to Apple’s innovative invention back in 2007, when it transformed the smartphone market with its first full-touch screen. Such innovations don’t happen every day.

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

Sure, Apple has made tremendous improvisations and progress ever since. But its customers show sky-high expectations. Rumors and hypes are like double-edged swords. They are good for your marketing needs but may be equally dangerous as well.

 Today, Apple suffers its biggest burden – meeting its customer’s expectations. A disappointing iPhone 6 may not jar Apple fans. The million dollar question however is “Can Apple stand up to its standards and compete against the crowded smartphone market?” With Samsung, HTC and Motorola also coming up with new models in September, Apple has to be on its toes to win the battle.

It’s been long since any brand has truly transformed the phone market. So can Apple repeat its history? Is too much hype hurting Apple’s chances?

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