The One Sign You Are About to Get Fired

Life is a crazy transitional thing, one second you’re on top of the world with a job, a bit of disposable income and next thing you know you are unemployed, scouring through job classified ads and updating your resume. It’s an abrupt and system shocking change, but is there a way to predict it? Can you know that one exact sign that will give you the inkling that you might get fired?

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A Few Signs Actually


So the title might be slightly misleading, but step into my shoes for a second, do you think you could elaborate a single sign into a 500 word article. You could? Well, don’t tell my boss I have a pretty nice benefits package here. In any case there is one definitive sign that probably indicates towards the untimely demise of your position, it’s the rapid change in communication between you and your superiors or HR people. The more distance you feel your boss is putting between you and them, the sooner you should start dusting off your interview skills. If it comes from HR, then the story is about the same, imagine knowing that you must fire someone and then having to act normal around them, challenging right? So look for those subtle changes in behaviors, especially if there is no personal reason for their change.


When I say stripping I don’t mean the literal removal of clothes as entertainment for creepers, which is definitely a sign that you’re going to get sacked. I’m talking about stripping you of your responsibilities. For example, it might be a red flag if you are a senior member of management and most of your tasks are taken away from you to “concentrate” on a “new” project, which is most likely the plan on how to get rid of you. This holds true of lower level employees too, if you are suddenly given an extremely easy task, before you get really happy stop and think…isn’t it easier to fire someone who is responsible for trivial tasks than someone who does things that are specific, challenging and necessitate expertise? This also gives management the chance to train someone for your position while you mess around with circumstantial duties.

You Flubbed Up

Businesses more often than not are occupied with one thing: the bottom line. If you are unfamiliar with the bottom line it’s defined as a company’s profits or losses by Merriam-Webster’s website, and I’m pretty sure they know what they are talking about. Well if you made a mistake substantial enough to tarnish the company’s relationship with clients or inadvertently cost them massive amounts of money, then you might want to keep a box for your personal belongings handy. Nothing is a more sure fire sign of your impending doom, than proving you are a serious liability. Now that you have the inside scoop, and even though it wasn’t just one sign, go forth and try to stay employed!

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Is there another sign that I neglected to include in my list? Let me know in the comment section below.