The Power of Laughter: How to Help Your Startup Succeed [Video]

Laughing makes everything better and Coca Cola knows this well. That is why the company created this advertisement. Check out this video to find out.

This video from Coca-Cola adds more weight to the argument that laughter is the best medicine. Over the years, Coke has become famous for its creative campaigns and catchy advertisements and it doesn’t fail to impress with its latest offering. The ingenious ad by the world renowned company shows that you can achieve pretty much anything with ’laughter’.

What the branding experts over at Coca-Cola did this time is hire a man to laugh really, really hard while on a crowded subway – a place where most people rarely laugh. Focusing on the idea that “happiness starts with a smile”, the people behind the video managed to make it a great advertisement that associates the famous company with feelings of happiness, warmth and love. This is a great idea for any startup that is trying to promote their business and increase brand awareness. Wouldn’t you want your startup to be associated with all those positive attributes?

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If you are curious to learn what happens when this man starts laughing hysterically, just click on this video and see for yourself. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Any thoughts are welcome in the comments section below…