The Power of Possibility

The definition of possibility is: “the action that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives”. There are quantum physics hypothesis and speculation of multiverses that express the multitude of possibilities. But have you thought about the choices you’ve made today? In the past hour? Have you asked yourself what if, or given yourself the chance to mentally explore that option. Do you even have options? Or is your entire life lived in the absolute moment and not beyond that.

What is the multiverse hypothesis that physicists speculate about? It is a mind blowing concept that basically stipulates every single choice we make branches out into other manifested realities. Our choice in this reality creates a multitude and infinite amount of alternative realities. That one step you hesitated to take brought you to a once in a lifetime opportunity in another reality.

Have you ever stopped and thought about possibility? Not in a negative what-if way, but how each one of your actions can ripple out into your life and career. Is intention equal to possibility? It is, and it isn’t, intention helps you manifest the possibility of your abilities, but intent does not completely describe possibility. It’s quite a strange little equation if you really think about it.

Look at the ripples, the concentric circles radiating out from one point, one decision has given you seemingly endless possibilities. The smooth surface is disrupted, it ebbs, peaks and fluctuates. Possibility is change; it beautifully disrupts calmness. Because calmness isn’t always necessarily the best, unrest causes movement, movement causes evolution. Even if it doesn’t cause evolution its worth a journey because during any journey you’re bound to learn something. Even if it is about yourself.

Even if it is about yourself.

How do you feel about possibility? Have you explored even one possible alternative outcome today?