The President meets Ministers on Agenda for growth

Prime Minister Mario Monti


August 31, 2012

The Prime Minister Mario Monti today has held several ministerial meetings to explore some issues of relevance to the activities of government these days. Among these, there was the preparation of the next meetings with the social partners focused on productivity and competitiveness for growth and employment, which provide the meeting with business organizations on Sept. 5 at 12 am and organizations union on 11 September at 16.30.

President Monti has so wanted to coordinate with the Ministries concerned of the details to request a dialogue that will lead to improvements in productivity in enterprises, within the framework set up by the government with new initiatives for growth and structural reforms aimed at improving the competitiveness . In a second meeting was discussed the timer program, namely the commitment to effective implementation, through the completion of the implementing measures required, the decisions taken by the Government since the beginning of its mandate, which have an impact on growth, jobs that will be aimed at a forthcoming Council of Ministers.

Finally, in another coordination meeting, the President assured the necessary impetus to quickly bring to an end the preparatory work for the operationalization of the "Document unified" of great interest to the public, since that will include the electronic identity card and the national card services and serve as the infrastructure needed to provide a range of online public services (including health card).