The Pros and Cons of Publishing Sponsored Content


As the name suggests, sponsored content refers to content that has been sponsored by advertisers. If you have a website which receives significant traffic, companies would be willing to pay you to publish giveaways, announcements, or product and service reviews. Getting their content published on your site allows companies to get more exposure for their products and services. For instance, if you have a popular technology blog, companies that sell WordPress themes or plugins might be willing to pay you to publish their content.


1. High demand

Many companies love promoting their products and services through sponsored content. As a result, there is a high demand for quality blogs that can publish such content.

2. High earning potential

When it comes to online advertising, sponsored content is one of the most expensive. Therefore, publishing sponsored content on your blog offers you a great opportunity for making high returns.

3. Your readers can benefit from the content

Besides generating some income for you, sponsored content could actually be beneficial to your readers. This is why it is recommended to ascertain the relevance and helpfulness of sponsored content before publishing it on your blog.

4. It does not need a large audience

Even if your blog does not have a huge audience, there are advertisers who would be willing to work with you. However, how much you can charge will be determined by the size of your audience.


1. It might need much time

Before writing a review, you might have to spend time first to try out the product or service. The time invested will depend on the product or service involved. Once this is done, you will then need to invest time in writing your posts. Be sure to factor all the time involved in your pricing.

2. It can be deceptive

At times, your readers might not be able to tell the difference between regular content and sponsored content on your site. As a result, they are likely to be deceived.

3. It could put off some readers

Publishing too many sponsored posts can end up putting off your readers. Some might even stop visiting your blog, thus resulting in less traffic. Sponsored posts can become especially annoying when they outnumber the regular posts published on your blog.

4. Google could penalize you

Sites which are suspected to be involved in buying or selling links are usually punished by Google. Since most sponsored posts have links, your site might end up being penalized. This will result in a lower page rank for your site, thus less visibility. One of the best ways of protecting yourself is by adding a no-follow tag to your links.

Sponsored content is an ideal monetization strategy for bloggers who are already making money through other methods such as selling ad space. In addition, it is also a good fit for bloggers who are well known in their niche. Avoid sponsored content if it is your main strategy for monetizing your site.