The Reason You Are Unhappy [Video]

While having high expectations of yourself can be a great motivating factor for success, quite often these expectations become your worst enemy. Sometimes the goals that you set yourself cause the biggest damage of all; they make you unhappy.

The problem with expectations is that they can easily turn into disappointments. In this TEDx, entrepreneur and economist, Nat Ware talks about the pursuit of happiness explaining how the journey can be difficult when you expect too much of yourself. As he states, the main reason you are unhappy is because ‘expectations of reality exceed your experiences of reality’.

If you are too much of a perfectionist, you tend to imagine better outcomes for yourself and compare yourself with others who you think have achieved more in of their lives and careers. While this makes sense, you only end up putting additional pressure on yourself and as such feeling dissatisfied with your own work. 

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This endless circle of expectations and disappointments continues while you strive to be content. But if you want to find true happiness you need to stop expecting too much of yourself and focus on achieving what is possible.