The Rise Of Digital Natives: Is Your Business Ready?

digital natives

The growth of mobile users has increased exponentially in the past decade.

Now businesses must be sure to incorporate a mobile campaign with their marketing strategy in order to reach their goals effectively. The new platform requires updated tactics and tools to ensure that audiences are properly targeted and conversions are unfolding at a steady rate.

Who are these individuals that businesses must cater their mobile campaigns to? Below highlights the new generation of online consumers, digital natives.

The 7 Types Of Digital Natives

1. Prodigies- Prodigies are at the front of the mobile industry. It is likely that some of these customers are open to beta testing and have sources for new information. Prodigies make up 5% of the mobile demographic. They are quick to absorb digital technologies. Furthermore, by the time a trend is in full swing, they would have already been fully immersed in it. Although it may seem difficult to reach prodigies, they are curious and reactive. As a result, they are likely to click on mobile ads and go through social media.

2. Tribals- Tribals rely on multiple devices to stay connected. 13% of the mobile demographic are Tribals. Social media is their most used mobile platform. Because of this, influence is what they excel in. They have thousands of followers spread across various social sites. It is likely that they provide updates on a constant basis to keep their followers engaged at all times. Attention is what they crave.

3. Personals- Making up only 15% of the mobile demographic, Personals thrive on engagement when using their mobile devices. This means that messaging apps such as Whatsapp, BBM, Viber and WeChat are constantly being used. Third party applications are unpopular with this group.

4. Pragmatists- Pragmatists are mostly professionals who use their mobile devices while working. Everything is synced flawlessly using multiple back up systems and cloud apps. Email notifications are constantly going off. Shockingly, only 18% of the mobile demographic are composed of Pragmatists. Because these are professionals, it is likely that they do online purchases through mobile payment apps.

5. Browsers- Browsers are individuals who are not as tech savvy as the previous groups, but have the potential to breakout of their demographic. Mobile learning curves must be simple and straightforward in order to initiate conversions. Currently, 24% of the mobile demographic fall in this category.

6. Occasionals- Occasionals do not use their mobile devices to their full potential. They use it for calls, general updates and stock games. Roughly 11% of the mobile demographic are Occasionals. Although many individuals assume that the elderly fall into this group, there are still young adults who choose not to follow digital trends and are tagged in this category. An effective mobile marketing strategy to cater to this audience would be to first provide education on mobile usage.

7. Talkers- Talkers prefer face-to-face interaction over mobile usage. However, it does not mean that they do not own a mobile device. Over 13% of the mobile demographic are Talkers. These individuals use their devices to catch up with their families and close friends.

Customer Expectations Of Digital Natives

Today’s digital customers are online 24/7. Even if they aren’t in front of their phone, notifications are coming in and apps are constantly updating. Customers are also keen on sharing things they like through social media and messaging apps. This makes mobile campaigns highly rewarding, but at the same time, risky. Expectations for digital services are high. Transparency and speedy service across all platforms are the standard most digital natives expect.

Customers follow digital trends closely and will also consume online trends in the same manner. Mobile campaigns that are highly successful are simple and easy to adopt. There is still plenty of open space and opportunities for businesses that want to create a new mobile marketing strategy and test it on different audiences.

Which digital native category do you fall under? Let us know what you think about the article.




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