The Rise of Infographic CVs

The majority of the population of the world these days is considered to be visually inclined. This has been a direct result of the relentless developments in the technological and online industries. With recruiters opting to conduct social searches and looking for reasons not to hire candidates, it has become imperative that you set yourself apart from the saturated job market.

One of the methods that has been recognized as an effective way to get the attention of recruiters is infographic CVs. The primary reason behind the growth of these types of resumes is the visual element of them.

What is an infographic CV?

An infographic, or information graphic, is a method of using visual graphics to represent data, analysis, knowledge and information. They present information, including statistics and complex concepts, in a clear manner, thus ensuring that it is easy to read and understand for the reader. The first form of infographics include the basic subway maps, however in today’s day and age infographics have become a normal method of conveying information on  an international scale.

Infographic CVs are a step further in the development of infographics. These are used by individuals who wish to portray their experiences, education and skills in a visually graphic way. As a creative CV, infographics provide job seekers with an outlet to set apart from the crowd and demonstrate their skills in an aesthetically appealing manner.

3 Things to Consider when Making your CV Infographic

#1 – Structure

The structure of your infographic is the most important aspect of it. Make sure that you plan your CV so that it portrays your experiences and qualifications in the best possible light. Whether you choose to use graphs and charts, or a timeline, it is important to make the structure as user-friendly as possible.

#2 – Colors

Graphics form the primary part of an infographic, it is therefore advised to carefully construct and design the graphics. You should use regular colors that complement each other, with a generic color theme dominant throughout the infographic. For example: red, blue and green work well together.

#3 – Compile the Information

Once you have determined the colors, you should try and decide on the information that is relevant to the position you are applying for. As applied to any CV, it is important to tailor and personalized the information so that you can optimize the space and use keywords that recruiters are familiar with.




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