The Rise of the Expat-Preneur [Infographic]

Expat-preneur infographic

What are expat-preneurs, who are they, and what exactly do they do?! All your questions and more are answered here. Find out what it is all about now!

There are many different types of entrepreneur, including the introvert entrepreneur and the wantrepreneur, but there’s one type you’ve probably never heard of: the expat-preneur. But what exactly does that even mean? Aetna, a US-based health care company, attempts to answer that very question by putting together a complete profile on this new type of entrepreneur.

Expat-preneurs are the people who aren’t afraid to take the risk and open a business in a foreign country and, as this amazing infographic proves, this particular breed of entrepreneur makes this bold move because they want to do something they can’t do back home, to change lives, or to simply go out on an adventure. Interestingly enough, most expat-preneurs move to unusual locations such as Ecuador, Mexico, and Malta but hey, who said they’re only doing it for the business?

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Take a look at this infographic to learn more and find out if you’d make a good expat-preneur yourself! Do you have anything you’d like to add? Tell us in the comments section below!