The Rise Of Young Media and Social Media Moguls

We’ve all seen the headlines of soaring youth unemployment figures, not to mention the despairing stories of the job market crisis as well. It appears that youngsters in London, and all around the world are facing an unemployment crisis that the generations before them could only envision in their worst nightmares, however, youngsters today have tools that their parents and grandparents did not have at their disposal - media and social media. These days, both mediums have become a stage to showcase talent, knowledge and entrepreneurialism like never before.

Social media is rapidly becoming the preferred choice in how young people go about seeking employment, and building their own business. For the first time we are witnessing how today’s youth are harnessing the power of social media to achieve dizzying heights of entrepreneurial success; if the following success story is anything to go by!

Jamal Edwards is YouTube’s latest business success story. The 22-year-old Londoner started his SBTV broadcast channel on the website which has received over 1 million hits, and has banked him a cool multimillion sum in advertising revenues. Fellow self-starter Sir Richard Branson has awarded this young media mogul with Virgin’s best new-start up award. Jamal rubs shoulders with some of the best music and media heavy weights you can think of, and his channel boasts interviews with celebrities and politicians as well. He now plans to crack America’s broadcast and media market demonstrating that his inspiring aspirations are not slowing down any time soon.

Jamal’s humble beginnings working in retail after leaving school is something that the youth of today can relate to, and he has shared a few wise words for any budding entrepreneurs eager to follow in his footsteps:

“I think this is one of the most important things for any entrepreneur to remember - that you can't go 100% all of the time.”

He has also written an e-book titled “Self Belief: The Vision” that offers helpful tips, and advice on how to launch your own company.

As the latest break-out social media story, it is also hard to ignore the trending patterns of not just how audiences are consuming media, but how individuals, especially young ones are changing the landscape of how we consume media whilst making an exceptional turnover in profits as well.

Take Nick D’Aloisio for example, this year the 17-year-old reportedly sold his app Summly for £19 million. Yes, £19 million! The app makes viewing content from various news web sites easier to read on smartphones. D’Aloisio sold his app to Yahoo who will re-launch it under its own mobile phone campaign. After selling his app, he has expressed an interest in perusing another venture:

"I absolutely want to start another company. Serial entrepreneurs get addicted to creation. I want to be passionate. I feel really bad when I'm not doing something new."

Both of these stories share a common denominator - the conceptual catalyst behind both of these ventures has social media or media at the heart of the operation. No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more stories like these ones in the nearby future. Technology has allowed media and social media to advance in ways that were not conceivable a few decades ago. Now younger generations have recognised the un-inhibited opportunities of these innovative and lucrative platforms where if you have what it takes-the possibilities are endless.