The Road to a Happy You!

Every single one us desires true happiness during our lifetime albeit this does not happen to all of us. Why is it that some people seem to be happier than others? Is it because Mother Nature has laid out fate for each of us where some deserve happiness more than others? The truth of the matter is that happiness is your choice! As simple as that! If you want it, you only need to choose it. Why don’t you try the following few tips on attaining personal happiness;

1. Social Justice

The universal principle for giving is that whatever you give you receive. If you desire happiness give happiness. Helping the community around us is as good to them as it is to us. It makes us happier and healthier. The fact about giving to others is that it activates the brain areas that are associated with pleasure and social connection.

Giving enables us to connect with the world around us, build stronger communities and create a happier society for all. Studies have shown that spending money on others causes more happiness than spending it on ourselves. The people all around us need us in one way or another, and it’s never always about money. Here are a few tips on staying happy by giving happiness all around you;

  •          Offer words of encouragement, peace, hope to your friends and family members
  •          Random acts of kindness
  •          Making donations to charities
  •          Go green on the garden that belongs to the community
  •          Share your skills within the local schools, camps, hospitals or prisons.

Ralph Waldo Emerson states; “Happiness is like perfume-you cannot pour on others without getting some yourself”

2. Be polite

Etiquette is defined by being polite; being respectful, sensitive to the feelings, values and cultures of others. Being rude or boorish puts people around us off and causes us to lose out on true friendships. For some people, being polite may seem too difficult, but it really is not. If you allow the following few phrases in your conversations more than you do now, you are on the path to being happier;

  •          “Thank you”
  •          “Please”
  •          “Forgive me”
  •          “I was wrong, you were right”
  •          “I couldn’t have done it without you”

3. The power of the Tongue

Positive speaking is imperative if you want to create a happier you. Turn around all your levels of speaking-from negative to positive. It is amazing how the choice of our words influences how happy we become because what we confess, we possess. Instead of spending too much time thinking and speaking negatively, why don’t you try speaking out loud the positive things that we desire? Keep speaking it and it will be. You will attract happiness if you completely change your speech structure.

4. Don’t take life too seriously

Do you sometimes feel like you are trying too hard? Straining and stretching you in pursuit of happiness? Some of the things that we do include; waking up at 5am to do our morning exercise, working hard at the office, cooking meals the best way we know how, tending our gardens, finishing our readings for the next class, taking up piano lessons. Do not try to live life to the full always as you will only be more frustrated than you already are. Loosen up a little, be grateful for what you have, share jokes more often and enjoy the little pleasures life has to offer!

C.E. Jerningham quotes; “To be happy, you must be your own sunshine”. What better way to put it? Make up your mind and say bye to those ugly and moody days.

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