The Secrets of Living a Longer Life

Scientists have long been searching for the secret to the fountain of youth in an attempt to find out what can improve the quality and extend the duration of our lives. So far, studies have shown that by living a simplistic lifestyle we can increase our lifespan and make the most of the journey!

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If you want to learn the secrets of living a longer and healthier life, check out the following:

1. Quit bad habits


Breaking bad habits is the number one component to living longer! If you are smoker you are only putting your life at risk as smoking causes cancer, heart diseases and many other serious illnesses. Large amounts of alcohol consumption can be just as dangerous as smoking if not drank in moderation.

2. Eat simply


Your diet is another important factor that contributes to longevity. The best practice to living longer is to eat a large breakfast, a moderate-sized lunch and a lighter dinner. Most centenarians - people who live up to or beyond the age of 100 years, eat plant-based foods including whole grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

3. Discover your passion



Discovering your true passion is essential since it helps you find your purpose in life. Explore your interests and discover what gets you up and running, whether be it your dream job or your favourite hobby. Retain your curiosity, set goals for self-development and never stop learning.

4. Reduce stress


A stress-free life means a longer life. If you learn how to manage stress effectively, you will find that your negative thoughts and worries are what create all your problems in your life. Reduce stress through mediation and yoga and don’t let it control your mind.

5. Be around friends and family


It is important to be around people who matter to you and can help you take care of yourself. This kind of support, love and intimacy is essential to living a longer and happier life. As a human being you feel the need to be around people to protect yourself from isolation and mental illnesses such as depression.

6. Drink red wine


If you enjoy drinking wine, you will be pleased to know that moderate consumption of red wine can actually expand your lifespan. Medical studies suggest that a glass per day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and helps control your cholesterol levels.

7. Exercise every day


Last but not least comes regular exercising which studies have proved can reduce disability in old age, thus allowing you to live healthier and longer. Dedicate some time to yourself every day and take a long walk around the block. This kind of low intensity physical activity can more beneficial than you think!

Now that you have learned all the secrets of living a longer and healthier life, try to apply these to your every day schedule. As kids nowadays say, YOLO - you only live once so make it count!

Do you know of any other secrets to living longer? Share them with us in the comment section below!