The Secrets to Mobile Consumer Behaviour for Brands and Businesses

If there’s one thing that eludes business owners and marketers it’s this; what exactly are consumers viewing, downloading and searching for on their mobile devices? The truth is, this question can only be answered to a certain extent without infringing upon the privacy policies that are in place to protect consumer’s online activity/files; and before you even begin to align this article with the recent celebrity cloud hacking scandal, please don’t.

The extensive coverage on that topic is more than enough. What this article is going to address will be of interest to business owners and marketers who are looking to gain a more in-depth perspective about connectivity and digital mobility in regards to consumer behaviour. Salesforce have conducted the 2014 Mobile Behaviour Report with the cooperation and consent of 470 consumers who have allowed their digital and mobile activity to be monitored. The insights this report contains are like gold-dust because it’s not every day consumers allow this information to be accessed, assed and then published.

This report focuses on five areas:

  • How consumers relate to brands.
  • What consumers favour in terms of what they opt to view on their devices.
  • How consumers relate to brands.
  • The effect consumer’s digital behaviour has on their lives.
  • Full evaluation of consumer’s perceptions.

What makes this report stronger than others is that it is based upon information compiled from “actual” consumer usage, so rather than just a bunch of data giving faint indications of trends this report actually gets to the point with the help of hard stats and it does this rather well.

The Domination of Smartphone Devices

According to this report 54% of consumers identified their smartphone device as “mobile” whilst only 32% linked the word “mobile” with being active. Terminology aside, this report also discovered that consumers spent 3.3 hours on their mobile device suggesting that smartphones are without a doubt the number one device for consumers. Another suggestion this report makes is in regards to tablets which are cited as being another favourite device amongst consumers with 65% of them reporting that they use this specific device whilst watching TV and that they use it for 3.1 hours per day. Social media is also referred to in this report with 40% of consumers following a brand online via a social media platform on their smart phone device.

The following set of stats will tell you everything you need to know about how smartphone devices play a role in branding:

  • 8 out of ten consumers made a purchase based on signing up to a brand’s email alerts.
  • 95% of consumers think that brand emails are relatively useful.
  • 54% of consumers have signed up for text message brand alerts.

It’s clear from these percentages that consumers are more than happy to tap into businesses that can keep up with their smartphone consumption. Bear this in mind if you are thinking about targeting the mobile market because if your content doesn’t align with these habits, you’ll miss out on quite a few prime potential customers.

Multi-Device Users and Their Behaviours

Additional findings of this report show that consumers aren’t just limiting themselves to using one device, 79% have allowed an app to share their location via a tablet device or smartphone, 65% used their tablet or smartphone to download a business app and 46% used both devices to scan a digital coupon (QR code.)

Despite tablet devices failing to hold as much marketing and branding leverage as smartphones, consumers are not hesitating to follow business related content on their devices. Targeting these consumers via their devices should be at the forefront of every branding, marketing and selling effort. The evidence is clear that digital consumers are using one or two devices to consume business related content so be aware that your business has to be device-friendly because consumers are more likely to use these items to interact with your business on every level.

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