The Signs of a Good Candidate

Finding the right candidate for a job is a challenging task, particularly when you are recruiting for a very specific position. It is very difficult to be certain that you have found the right candidate for the position, however there are number of factors that indicate that you are on track to having found a successful and good-quality candidate.

Balanced approach to job hunting

A good candidate will have a balanced approach to job hunting. They will not overwhelm you with numerous applications, emails and phone calls once they have made their application, but they will show an enthused interest in the company and the position available (demonstrated in the cover letter).

Impressive CV

You will understand that you have discovered a good candidate when they have a well presented and well written CV that is suited to the position. The CV will be easy to navigate and comprehend, and will demonstrate some or all of the skills and qualifications that you are looking for. In addition, it will be void of any spelling and grammar mistakes.

Whether you are looking for a basic administrative position or an executive role, the candidate’s CV will show that they are not over or under qualified for the role (and thus they meet the criteria of the position as you specified).

Social networking

In today’s multimedia-based society it is relatively easy to keep track of the potential candidates’ social networking behavior. Do they have a blog? Can they be found on LinkedIn or other professional networking sites? If their social networking behavior is impression and sends out a positive impression, this is another sign of a good candidate.

During the interview

It is of fundamental importance that at the beginning of the interview you get a positive first impression. Many recruiters regard first impressions with significant importance, thus if the candidate reflects a negative first impression, they will be less likely to be successful. A good candidate will be well presented and dressed appropriately for the interview. They will be polite, pleasant and approachable.

During the course of the interview it is important to pick up on a number of aspects regarding the candidate’s behavior. Body language is one of the primary indicators that will demonstrate a candidate’s worth, and this is something that can be picked up on within moments of beginning the interview.

A good candidate will have coherent and well-thought-out answers to the questions you ask them. They will demonstrate that they have prepared for the interview and will have a number of relevant and insightful questions ready. They will have a good knowledge and understanding of the company they are interviewing for, and will be able to draw on examples of information they have acquired about the company. Other important factors include enthusiasm and a positive outlook. An employer is more likely to hire a less qualified but positive and willing candidate, than one that shows an unenthusiastic and downbeat attitude but who is very well qualified. This is because in many circumstances, it is of primary importance that the candidate will fit in to a team and be a good team player. Nevertheless this depends on the job in question.

A good candidate will demonstrate a positive work ethic. They will have a positive attitude both professionally and personally, and will be well spoken and relatively confident. Excessive confidence, however, is off-putting, as recruiters are not looking for arrogant and unresponsive employees to join their team; they are looking for people who can easily integrate into a team, are able to accept criticism and willing take on challenging tasks.

After the interview

Once the interview is complete and you are in the process of deciding whether or not to hire the candidate, it is recommended to obtain references from a number of sources. This will assist you in obtaining a character sketch of the candidate and having the points brought up during the interview reiterated. Your decision will be significantly influenced.