‘The Simpsons’ Co-Creator Donates Fortune As Dying Deed

the simpsons co-creator

Sam Simon, the co-creator of cartoon sitcom "The Simpsons,” is dying and wants to do something more profound with his fortune.

The 59-year-old was diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer in July 2013 and was initially given three to six months to live.

Yet, Simon has continued to beat the odds and now wants to start giving back to charity.

The TV producer and director told TMZ last year: “In the hospital, right after [colon surgery], I realized I had to start making plans.”

Simon has decided to donate his $100 million fortune mainly to children and animals.

His top choices include Save the Children, PETA, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and his very own charity The Sam Simon Foundation—which rescues dogs and feeds the hungry.

For him, philanthropy work and animal activism is the best therapy at this point.

Simon has proclaim how joyful he feels changing the lives of children in need or watching caged animals be set free for the first time. 

However, his most memorable moments were visiting underprivileged communities in the regions of Nepal, Guatemala, and Haiti during his volunteering time with Save the Children in June.

The humanitarian once said in an interview with the organization that the experience was very moving. 

“You know there are some shocking things,” Simon said. “But I remember kids playing with soccer balls made out of wire and newspaper -- and for me to see happiness in the absence of anything that we would consider satisfying, from a material standpoint, was very inspirational, and is something that stays with you.” 

In June, Save the Children’s “Simon Society” global philanthropic community was named and dedicated to the dying millionaire for his heroism. 

“In his own understated way, he has made a world of difference for many children over the years through his philosophy of giving back to those in need,” CEO Carolyn Miles said at the time.

Other organizations Simon has helped have also decided carry on his memory. The Sea Shepard Organization named an anti-whaling boat the SSS Sam Simon and PETA named their Virginia headquarters the Sam Simon Center.

Some may question his charitable actions, given the fact that he is not passing down any of his millions to his family.

Well, Simon says that his family members are financially well-off. Also, he is divorced and doesn’t have any heirs to inherit his fortune.

Therefore, the only option for him at this point is to give back to the community, something that he has proved time and time again that he loves dearly.

In addition to his success with “The Simpsons” and his passion from charity work, Simon was one of the many creative storyboard artists behind cartoons like “Fat Albert” and the “Cosby Kids.”

In 1981, he became one of the youngest executive producers ever in TV network history. At the age of 30 he found himself writing and scripting for the 5-year hit show “Taxi.”

Following “Taxi,” Simon then took his love for writing over to NBC’s TV sitcom “Cheers.”

After working on smaller projects related to shows like "The Drew Carey Show" and "Friends," Simon decided to retire and pursue a life outside of full-time TV entertainment

With all that he has accomplished, Simon will leave behind numerous awards showcasing his achievements, including the Writers Guild Award, nine Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Valentines Davies Award for humanitarian efforts.

Here is an interview InsiderINFO did with Simon in 2013:

Image Source: ibtimes