The Success of Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey was deemed by as one of the entrepreneurs to watch in 2013, and for good reason. By mid-2013, Dorsey’s net profit was $1.1 billion and before that he, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass co-founded Twitter. But why was he so successful? How did he come to be who he is today?

Dorsey’s first interest in business came when he was thirteen and he became intrigued by dispatch routing. What’s interesting – remarkable you could say – to note is that around that time he was experimenting with open source software. With these experimentations, Dorsey created some open source software, some of which is still used by taxi companies today. His interests grew and Dorsey applied to Universities. At first, he attended Missouri University of Science and Technology but transferred to New York University instead.

It was not, however, his university experiences that created him – Dorsey had already by that point established himself – if not to a large audience quite yet – as a determined and intelligent young man. So much so that after he graduated, he moved to Oakland and in 2000 started his own company, dispatching taxis and emergency services from the Internet.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Dorsey’s mind kept wandering, his interests kept growing. What else could he accomplish? What else could he create? And, by July of 2000, he had come up with the idea of a communication service that only allowed short messages or, as they're better known today, statuses. With that idea in mind, he sought out Odeo – a directory and search website – where he first met Biz Stone who liked the idea. Together, they made the first prototype of Twitter.

By the time Twitter was made – attracting businessmen such as Evan Williams and Noah Glass – Dorsey didn’t stop there. In 2010, he created a business called Square. The business is a platform that accepts debit and credit card payments via mobile phones. In 2012, the business was valued at $3.2 million.

Dorsey is seen as a model for all entrepreneurs. He had – and still has – the qualities that make an entrepreneur successful. First, he had ideas, creativity. To start a business is to have an idea, something that excites you and really grips you. Writers are always told to “write for themselves”, this is the same with business. If you’re not interested in your product – who else is going to be? Dorsey was. He was excited and committed.

Not just that, but Dorsey looked for help, he looked for people with experience to aid him in his business. Twitter is now one of the leading social networking sites in the world; in addition it has attracted celebrities to tweet, politicians and artists, all of them to connect with others like them. Thus, Dorsey’s created a great business tool for others as well as himself. And finally, Dorsey kept wanting to expand. Twitter could have been enough but he wanted to keep his creativity alight.

Anyone can try to become an entrepreneur, the difference between those that try and those that succeed is commitment, dedication, hard-work and above all, a sheer love for the product. Dorsey continues to astound and amaze us. We can all see why.