The Success Story of FUBU Founder Daymond John

Daymond John, the man behind urban streetwear label FUBU, capitalized on the popularity of hip hop to launch his brand and make it a success. Daymond started making hats for himself and his friends, using the sewing skills he learned from his mother. He then ordered a number of tie-top hats, which he sold on the streets of Queens and made $800 in no time.

Realising his first success and the buzz that his products made, Daymond went a step further. He recruited some close friends from his neighbourhood and began producing different sorts of apparel, such as hockey, t-shirts and jerseys with the FUBU logo.

Daymond placed his apparel with right artists in the right videos and got the right exposure. The industry pioneer and marketing expert has also paid particular attention to the markets and demographics that were tapping into his goods. 80% of FUBU’s revenue was coming from inner city kids who particularly love hip hop and grunge.   

Watch this video to find out more about Daymond’s success story and how hip hop inspired him to take FUBU to the next level.





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