The Superfan Whose Body Screams Rihanna!

Well, I bet you are one of the millions of people who admire Rihanna simply because she is awesome, but I bet your Rihanna fandom is nothing compared to Sarah Ridge from the UK. This Rihanna superfan is so devoted that she has covered her whole body in tattoos. Yes, she has Rihanna art on her arms and shoulders plus a bunch of other tattoos that Rihanna has on her body.

The die-hard British who has been a fan of Rihanna since she was 14, has five portraits of Rihanna all across her back, featuring words like “Queen of Barbados”, a replica of Rihanna’s tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis on her own chest. All of these tattoos cost around £1,000 in total.

The 23-year-old fan ignores criticism about how her body looks like saying that she loves her Rihanna tattoos that embellish her body. Watch this video to get a real understanding of how deep Ridge’s love for the Diamond singer is and how she expressed this love through body art.