The Tangible Effects of Being Unemployed


The tangible effects of being unemployed are enough to drive a man (or woman) insane. Being without a job is like being a leper. People treat you differently; whomever it is you are living with will probably always tell you how you are a fuck up. And the constant sorrow of the world will burden your dead weight into endless days of depressing circumstance.

When you are without money, or without income, everything seems to be and feel impossible. Even a tank of gas becomes hard to come by. Just knowing that you can’t buy or do anything, without depending on somebody else, is a curse upon the doldrums you now call your life.

Did you know that Dante wrote parts of his Inferno about what it feels like to be without a job?…

What’s Going to Happen to Me?

Since you have plenty of time to kill, you’ll start to think about things that you never wanted to come to terms with: is it me? Am I crazy? Why can’t I hold a stinking job like everybody else?

You will learn what this world is about … sort of like what David Bowie and Freddy Mercury sang ... about. There is hardly a more terrifying thing, living in the world today, than being unemployed. Our economy was forever changed. And it stands to exist as a brutally stubborn force that, at times, feels impenetrable. 

The world can chew you up and spit you back out, where nothing feels sacred. Although certain eternal homeless vagabonds have accepted their futures without anything to look forward to except for soup kitchens and the kindness of strangers.

For some, this lifestyle is a thrill. But for a majority of people, it’s a terrifying tragedy.

Unemployment Numbers Dissolve like Magical Pixie Dust

And the unemployment rates show no signs of being repaired. Who is going to repair what has always been a factor of our consumer-driven society? Today, it’s an even more difficult task, to keep a nation of over 300 million people employed, and comfortable within their rank and positions.

Truthfully, nothing is being done. Because what can be changed? If we are complacently willing to be informed by the very people that broke down our systems of finance, labor and government … then maybe we deserve to be lied to.

Think about that the next time your bills come around and you don’t have the money to pay them. Watch the television, read a newspaper, and eventually you will come to terms with how much justice is being done to those that have penetrated, for years, the American Dream.

How Do I Recover From Losing My Job?

So where do we go? Who do we look to, to fix our broken dreams, our broken hearts, our broken homes?

There isn’t anybody to look towards, besides ourselves. And maybe a few good friends, if they are anywhere to be found. It’s the truest test of friendship -- to be there for someone in their time of need.

Because it tends to be a difficult pill to swallow, to find yourself alienated and all alone, in a system that, statistically, is supposed to be the wealthiest and most luxurious on god’s green earth.

The Lies ... The Lies, Damnit!

Well, it just so happens that more and more people are coming face-to-face with the lies and manipulations that this country has perpetuated, for decades. The lie of the American Dream. It’s like a sucker-punch to the soul.

Because this is all we have left of the Dream. To pick up the pieces or to squeeze into our roles of the job markets, being forced into something so competitive that it continues to leave people by the wayside. And those with any political and intellectual solutions are marching to the beat of another person’s drum.

So when you are unemployed, it almost feels like you have been regurgitated out of the system. Unemployment insurance is about the only thing to count on, and I’m sure many people do. But if you are without some kind of a contingency plan and have little to zero capital, collateral or assets, what will become of you?

What does this say about us as a nation? Cutting to the truth of the matter, our social safety nets can only hold so much weight. And doesn’t it feel heavy? Just knowing that you might have to count on Uncle Sam as your only hope to help you in your time of need…


The only real resolution for the never-ending cycle of our festering in unemployment is to look to ourselves to defeat the lie.

Remind your Senators and Congressmen and women that they are liable for the taxes which make up their salaries, and all the responsibilities that come with it.

What can they do? Well, for starters they can stop continually debating amongst all members of the House and Senate how to keep instated unemployment insurance for those that need it. Instead of bickering between parties with heavy influence outside of their constituencies -- we need to remind them where they are wrong.


Obviously it’s more than just an issue with our dysfunctional democratic republic for why there are so many unemployed persons. But participation is what democracy is all about.

So if you become unemployed, and all hope seems to be lost, it is worth mentioning that getting involved in your community might help you to reawaken the democratic spirit that is lost by only going with the status quo.


A changed economy requires a change in our thinking. If we look at our failures and setbacks as an opportunity to make a difference in the world around us, what better way than to defeat the lie?

Look for the silver-linings in your lack of employment, and find something new. We all could gain something from that perspective.

And we definitely need a new way of looking at things, if we ever want any hope of sustaining a better future for our nations bleeding out, fast.