The Three A's of an Entreupenur

Defining an entrepreneur is a very difficult task as many of them have taken radically different steps to achieve their wealth and success. A working definition of an entrepreneur would be a person that organizes a business or corporation. This position of power, requires a lot of drive, persistence and dedication to your business. Though every entrepreneur is different, there are three qualities that they all possess. For those interested in becoming an entrepreneur in the future, you must obtain these qualities. Once you have acquired these qualities and understand how to use them together, you will be able to make extraordinary achievements in your career.

Ambition: Birth from Desire

The term ambition is regularly thrown around when talking about starting a new business. However, most people who use this word actually do not fully explain how pivotal this quality is to their success. One definition of ambition is a strong yearning or desire to accomplish some end. One of Bill Gates most famous quotes explains this point better,"Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they cannot fail." This quote perfectly sums up what up true ambition is. True ambition allows a person to experience both success as well as failure and continue to push in the direction of their passion. Developing ambition in your business or company, comes from your burning passion to provide the best service or product possible. Keep in mind that your ambition comes with a price(persistence, dedication and hard work), that you must be willing to pay. 

Astuteness From Ambition 

Ambition is a much needed quality to navigate the uncertain waters of Entrepenurship. However, ambition alone will not lead you to success. In fact ambition with no knowledge or experience can lead you down the path of utter and habitual failure. An astute business person is a savvy one, capable of seeing all possible outcomes of a decision. This allows a person to make the best decisions in marketing, hiring employees and expanding into new ventures. The quality of being astute also means that a person is very knowledgeable in their particular service. One businessman that is renowned for making smart savvy business decisions is John Whittaker. His well-planned out acquisition of businesses has lead him to becoming one of the most powerful business men on the planet. 

Action From Astuteness

Astuteness and ambition are very powerful qualities that will lead you to success, but only after you have begun to implement action steps. Creating an action step can be done on a piece of paper or whiteboard. Simply write down all your ideas and materials that you will need to create your business. Continue to write down all of your ideas, materials and methods until you have as many as you can think of. This action plan should give you a step by step plan on how you will achieve goals and market your company. Utilizing your knowledge of your product or service you can effectively create an action plan that is specific to your company’s needs. 

Conclusion: Three A’s of entrepreneurship

These three subjects have always been talked about when discussing entrepreneurship, but they are typically not linked together. It is extremely important that these three qualities are talked about together as they play a vital role in success. The road to become an entrepreneur is not a smooth one, and it will test your resolve. By utilizing your ambition, you will have all the drive that you need to succeed no matter happens to you. With astuteness, you use your intellect and shrewdness to create creative ideas to market your brand and promote yourself. Finally, with a plan of action all of your goals will be realized and accomplished. 

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