The Top 10 Cheapest UK Universities

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1. # 1 Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University
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The cheapest place to study is Edinburgh Heriot- Watt. With annual tuition fees of only £4,500 and a relatively low cost of living; rent costing about £3650.40 per year and Student Union events having no entry fee. It certainly seems like a bargain in terms of cost. It also ranks number 18 on the Guardian University guide, so the standard of education you receive won’t be bad either. The total cost per year should be about £9587.28

In the past few years the cost of going to University has gone up dramatically in the UK. Especially for English students as Scotland insists on charging English and Welsh students the same as non EU students while providing free university education for Scottish people.

Tuition fees may have risen to a whopping £9,000 at many universities, however, because of the financial crisis graduate job prospects have actually been getting worse.

So in an effort to help you get the most bang for your buck I have compiled a list of the cheapest universities to study at in the UK. This is based not only on tuition fees but also on the cost of living which includes the cost of booze. The list primarily relies on information provided by the Ukash cost comparison of universities.




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