The Top 25 Socially Engaged Companies

LinkedIn and Altimeter Group examined the value of corporate social media and its role in customer and employee engagement by means of an online survey. Based on billions of signals and insights, the survey identified the Top 25 Socially Engaged Companies based on how they use LinkedIn to engage employees and customers in the following areas:

  • Employee engagement
  • Talent and recruitment
  • Content marketing
  • Sales

The results of the report are outlined in an infographic called Relationship Economics. In brief, the results of the survey are as follows:

Employees at socially engaged companies are encouraged to become brand ambassadors

- 54% of engaged employees consume their company’s content through social media.

- 40% are kept informed on important news thanks to their company’s social media communication.

- 38% are more likely to share relevant company content with colleagues and customers when the company shares content in social media.

Executives at socially engaged companies have a key role in setting the standard for engagement:

- 52% of executives are more likely to actively create, curate and share content

- 50% of executives are more likely to stimulate employee use of professional social media.

- 37% of executives are more likely to engage in relationship building through professional social media.

 Social media engagement fosters competition and innovation

- 40% of socially engaged companies are more likely to be deemed more competitive.

- 57% are likely to get increased sales leads.

- 58% are more likely to attract top talent.

Interestingly, 20% of socially engaged companies are more likely to retain talent. More so, 58% are more likely to “feel LinkedIn has allowed their company to attract great new talent.”

All in all, it is clear that being socially engaged not only enhances communication, engagement and pride, but it also gives companies a competitive edge. Socially engaged companies set themselves apart from conventional companies as they are more likely to attract top talent and close attractive sales deals.

Find out more interesting insights about the top companies who make the most of LinkedIn to leverage relationships with employees and customers on this inforgraphic provided to you by LinkedIn.




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