The Top Job Sites to Find Local Jobs Online

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Are you based in the UK and searching for jobs in your local area? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place. These websites will help you out!

When you are searching for a job, you have to know what you want. There are big job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder and Simply Hired that you are all probably familiar with. But these big job boards may not be what you need when you are trying to find a local job in the UK. Instead, try using the websites below to help you find a job in your local area.

#1 The Guardian

If you are searching for a job, you are probably already familiar with The Guardian jobs. This is an excellent resource, and you should check it out when you begin your job hunt. On Guardian jobs, you can browse for a job by sector, location, popularity and type of the job e.g. graduate, full-time or part-time.

#2 Total Jobs

Total Jobs is another great choice for you to check out. The site allows you to search for a job using common criteria such as location, sector and popularity and type of job. But, what’s great about Total Jobs is that it gives you the option to search for a job by company. Currently, there are over 131,267 job adverts on the site and 5,792 companies that are hiring. Type your town, city or postcode into the search bar to find out if any employers are hiring in your area.

#3 Jobs Today

Jobs Today offers a refined job search tool that allows you to look for your next job out of the 72,648 job posts advertised on the site. It also offers featured jobs, as well as employers and recruiters that have jobs located in or around your area. The service presents jobs by sector and location and even allows you to search for courses if you decide that that’s what you want.

#4 AdView

AdView is a modern job search site that allows you to look for a job using three main criteria: location, industry, and most popular/in demand positions. The site can be especially helpful when looking for local jobs by using the advanced search option. This will allow you to narrow your search area and more precisely target your local area.

#5 Jobs24

Jobs24 is the only UK job board that offers relevant jobs news on the site. While working with a range of popular recruiters and employers across the UK, it offers a job search engine that allows you to find a job out of the 36,862 new jobs that have been uploaded in the last 7 days. The site helps you search for a job by location, type of job and sector. 

#6 is a popular job board and one that’s definitely worth checking out. As the UK’s no.1 job site, Reed features job posts from a range of leading UK based companies such as AIG, HSBC, BCC, Amazon, Sky, Dyson and many more. Apart from the option to look for a job locally, it also allows you to search for a job based on salary, type of job e.g. graduate, apprenticeships, and jobs with immediate starts.

#7 Fish4Jobs

What’s great about Fish4jobs is that it allows you to browse locations in order to find a job opportunity in selected locations. In fact, it lets you know how many job openings there are in certain areas around the UK. London and Greater Manchester obviously come first and second in this race with 4736 and 956 jobs available respectively.

#8 Local Recruit

local recruit site Local Recruit

The Local Recruit offers local job postings from all across the web and from the UK’s most popular job sites sorting them into different locations e.g. major towns and cities. So, instead of checking a number of job boards and spending valuable time on them without any results,
visit the Local Recruit, type in the right keywords and then find what you are looking for in a matter of minutes.

#9 Jobsite          

On Jobsite, you can search for jobs based on job title, industry, sector skill and location. You can even choose the perimeter and distance (in miles) around the area you are interested in. Searching for a job becomes easier when you use Jobsite, so make sure you check it out.    

#10 Jobs77

Jobs77 is a useful resource for anyone looking for a job anywhere in the world. You can search for jobs in the UK but most opportunities you will get are going to be based in Greater London. With the advanced search, you can search for other locations around the UK. This is because most job opportunities are based in London and the most ‘freshest’ jobs come first on the list.

#11 is a great job board that’s widely used by graduates because it allows you to search for PhDs and Master Courses. Jobs isn’t just for the UK and offers over 4,660 vacancies worldwide. The way it works is quite simple because you write the job title you are interested in and then a list of available opportunities come up that tells you where this job is and the expected salary you are going to get. 

#12 Universal Jobmatch

Universal Jobmatch is a operated by the UK goverment. As a government website, it offers a range of jobs listing them by date released, job title, the company offering the position and the location. This way you can check right away if this is a job opportunity you would like to apply for.

#13 CV Library

The CV Library currently has 146,210 jobs from 10,169 companies. On the site, you can search for a job by keyword, job title and job reference – if you already know the number, and of course by location. You can choose the area you would like to work in and write down the town and postcode

job search
job search

#14 London Jobs

If you are looking for job opportunities in London, then you need to check out London Jobs. Currently, the site offers 9,747 job postings from 1,630 companies based in London. The job board allows you to search for a job by job title and location so that you know which area of London the job is being offered in.

#15 NHS Jobs

NHS Jobs specialises in jobs in the the National Health Service. As a niche job board, it allows you to search for medical-related jobs across the country by location and postcode. If you are searching for a job in the NHS, you should know that about 15,499 jobs are waiting for you.   

All of these sites are excellent resources for the modern job seeker. So if you are currently looking for a job in your local area, make sure you check these out to make the most of the job boards available to you and get job alerts for the vacancies that are close to you!

Have you used any of these job sites? Which one(s) did you find most useful? Let me know in the comments section below…