The Tree That Charges Your Phone

If you believe that trees are only valuable as a source of lumber, timber or shade, then you better think twice. Trees do not only help maintain oxygen levels around the world; they are also useful in charging mobile phones.

Solar Energy

Sologic, an Israeli company, specialising in solar energy has taken inspiration from the forest to create eTree, an ecological sculpture equipped with energy-generating solar panels. This device developed by solar energy expert Michael Lasry is 4.5 meters tall and equipped with solar panels that provide shade, and generate an average of 7 kilowatts of power every day.

Tree Charger

The tree features several USB charging ports for mobile devices and also provides free WiFi, nighttime lighting, and even an LCD screen that displays useful information to visitors such weather, educational and environmental contents. The LCD allows communication with other eTrees in different locations all over the world. Interestingly, there is a drinking fountain available and a trough for pets to drink water.

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This innovative environmental enterprise reflects the increasing adoption of solar energy in the US industry and promotes awareness of sustainability. It also means that we could soon never have to worry about charging our phones no matter where we are. Even if you are wandering around a park, you may soon have somewhere to charge your smartphone’s dying battery. Watch this video to learn more details about the specifications of this alternative tree.





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