The Two Minute Phone Charge Is Almost a Reality

We love our smartphones, but every relationship has their ups and downs. Sure your new Samsung won’t yell at you if you leave the toilet seat up but it will leave you hanging when you most need it. Although smartphones have progressed by leaps and bounds the biggest gripe about them still exists: battery life; infernal, murder provokingly short battery life. With 1.75 Billion Smartphone users worldwide, if this is not remedied it could result in rage induced societal collapse. StoreDot, a nano-tech company, wants to stop society from spiralling into anarchy by introducing a battery that only takes 2 minutes to charge. They are not the only innovators though. Here are companies trying to save us from a low battery induced rage-apocalypse.


Introduced this month at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas Nevada, StoreDot’s battery can charge a phone to full capacity in just two minutes. In less than the time it is necessary to boil an egg or devein a shrimp you’ll be able to enjoy the satisfaction of your battery icon at 100%. There are caveats though (dum dum duuuum) the battery only lasts about 5 hours and it cost about 50 dollars more than the battery they use in phones now.

Titanium Dioxide Gel Anode Battery

No this isn’t some space age nonsensical jargon from Star Trek, it is a battery the Nanyang Technological University is currently working on. The researchers at the University not only promise a three to five minute charge time, they also claim that it will have a 20 year life span. It is also better for the environment than current technologies being implemented, as titanium dioxide is found in abundance in soil. Can we assume that it is also going to be as cheap as dirt because of that fact?

Qualcomm Quick Charge

Qualcomm has recently added a quick charge feature to their popular line of mobile processors. This feature, the company claims, can cut charging time down by 75%. Don’t get super excited though as it claims in all honesty that it will still take about 30 minutes to bring your device to a 65% charge. That’s kind of like being promised a big juicy double cheeseburger that you are only allowed to take tiny little baby bites out of each time. Sounds great but ultimately it’s just not satisfying enough.

Unu’s Ultrapack

OK so we went from a 30 minute partial charge to a 15 minute full charge. The Ultrapack is an optimized external power source that lowers the average iPhone’s (or other smart-device’s) charge time to 15 minutes (from the normal 2 hours). The downside is that you will have to carry an extra power pack with you that is bigger and bulkier than your phone. You will also be exposing yourself to mockery to the effect of: Is that an Ultrapack in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Graphine Battery

I’ll wrap this up with what can only be described as the Ferrari of smartphone batteries. This speed-demon of an electrical storage device will allow you to get 25% more battery life and charge in just 20 seconds. Of course, at the moment, this technology is prohibitive due to cost, but as more people invest in it hopefully they will come up with a more affordable solution.  

Please keep in mind that this is all future-speak (not unlike Orwellian double-speech when you say something and mean something else) a lot of these will promise the tech but never put their package on the UPS truck. That means they won’t deliver.

Are you looking forward to this technology that will extend battery life and shorten charge time? Let us know in the comment section below!




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