The Ultimate Guide to Note-Taking in Class

Note taking in class

When it comes to studying for upcoming exams or essays, note taking is an excellent way of preparing yourself for the challenge. The notes you are taking during class can save you from failing your course as they can be a great source of information. If you want to be amongst the top students in your class, you really need to learn how to take notes the right way and increase your chances of academic success.

This infographic produced by WBSA and Urbanest offers some very useful tips on how to perfect your note taking. Focusing on the power of memorising, it suggests a number of methods to help you improve your note taking as well as solid reasons on why this is essential for success.

Learning how to organise your thoughts and ideas effectively can facilitate your learning experience and boost your academic performance!

Are you taking notes while in class? How has this helped your grades improve? Let us know in the comment section below…