The Ultimate Work Place Embarrassment

Throughout your working life you are undoubtedly going to face embarrassment at various stages. This will probably range from making an inappropriate comment in front of your boss, to maybe having a bit too much to drink at the work Christmas party and behaving stupidly in front of all your colleagues. It may even be something as innocuous as forgetting your keys. But there are occasions when it can be taken to a whole new level of embarrassment.

One occasion that occurred recently, which could perhaps be described as the ultimate embarrassment took place in Chicago. Local TV station WGN-TV was demonstrating a new iPhone App called the Fresh Start App, which is designed to help juveniles expunge their criminal records. To do this they used one of the employee’s iPhones, but something rather unfortunate happened. The owner of the phone, who remains anonymous, had recently visited the porn site, pornhub. Unfortunately for him, he had forgotten to clear his search history before allowing his phone to be used on television. So when the presenter started searching for the app, the address of the porn site was shown on television. Of course, it is that person’s fault for not clearing their history first, but it is still the ultimate embarrassment. Perhaps the user could have benefited from using an app themselves to clear their internet history, such as the Incognito browser App.

However, it is quite possible that this person did not even know how to clear their internet history. But it is actually quite easy; all you have to do is open the ‘settings’ menu, then click on ‘safari’ and then ‘clear history’.  

So despite the fact that the person has remained anonymous, it is both embarrassing for the TV station and the person will no doubt be mocked by his / her co-workers for some time to come. All of this could have been prevented if they had either taken a bit more care or used a simple app to do their browsing. Failing that of course they could have just refused to let their iPhone be used to television. I doubt that it is written into their employment contract that they have to let their employer use their iPhone whenever they wish.

While this is a rather funny incident for most of us to look at, it is the kind of incident which can be hard to recover from at work. If this happened to you in a normal work place it would be amazingly embarrassing, but having it broadcast on television must indeed be the ultimate embarrassment.  

Take a look at the video to watch the embarrassment as it unfolds!

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