The Vast and Varied Career of Barbie

presidential candidate barbie

Barbie has undergone many transformations in her lifetime. Most recently she’s been reincarnated as singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, with two different outfits and hairstyles to mimic the style conscious celebrity. However, while Barbie’s style has changed numerous times over the years, nothing comes to close to the changes her career has seen.

Since Barbie hit the scene in 1959 she’s worked in more than 130 different careers. It’s fair to say that the blonde bombshell has a lot of strings to her bow! Take a look at some of Barbie’s best loved career choices, and see how you could follow in her tiny little footsteps.

Fashion Model

Barbie’s first job was as a fashion model, sporting a striped black and white swimsuit, red lipstick and sunglasses. Getting into the model industry is no mean feat; you don’t just need to have the right look and height measurements, but you need a tough skin to deal with criticism and rejection. If you’d like to be a model then the best place to start is with a portfolio which you can take to modelling agencies. Get in touch with agencies like Storm for more information on the steps required to enter the modelling industry. If you make it as a model, you may find that other doors open for you. After all, Barbie became a fashion editor just a year after signing up for her modelling work.


Barbie showed off a little more leg than your average surgeon, but in 1973 she donned her scrubs and showed the world that she’s got beauty and brains. Surgeons are well respected, highly paid and enjoy a rewarding career, but you’ll need to put in years of training to make it to the operating theatre. After completing your medical degree you’ll need an extra 2 years of foundation training before you're qualified.


Ballet is a field which Barbie loves and she’s returned to this career time and time again. Well, when you’re as talented as Barbie it’s hard to pin yourself down to just one job! To be a professional ballerina you need years of training and in most cases you’ll have been ballet dancing from a young age. Strength and flexibility are important factors to becoming a ballet dancer as well, so you need to be in peak physical condition.

Presidential Candidate

Barbie has run for president three times, most recently in 2012. She’s yet to be elected, but she does love her career in politics. If you’re interested in entering politics then the most important thing is to get your foot in the door. Volunteer at political events, find internships and make networking a priority. In politics, who you know can make a big difference to your career prospects.

Baby Photographer

When Barbie isn’t operating, running for president or doing any of her other jobs such as a space camp instructor or TV Chef, she likes to dabble in baby photography. It can be challenging at times, but the look on those babies’ parent’s faces when they see the photographs is worth all the tears and tantrums she puts up with. Interested in baby photography? Many photographers are self-taught, but there are a wealth of courses available from night school and day courses right up to postgraduate degrees. Of course, having some experience with young children is also beneficial. You need to be able to make those bundles of joy smile for the camera!

If you’re interested in pursuing a new career, take a leaf out of Barbie’s book and just go for it. You may not want to work 300 different jobs in your lifetime, but her CV certainly is food for thought. Think big, never give up on your ambitions and your dream job could be right around the corner.