The White Light(s) at the End of the Crisis – Solar Roadways

The internet has been taken over by this catchy video explaining the brand new, life changing invention of Solar Road Panels. These are road panels that are expected to save our economy, lower our energy bills, prevent accidents, create clean energy, and more. Indiegogo has given the whole world an opportunity to take part in a project that will save our economy.

What's the deal with these things?

The solar panels are basically a replacement of pavement. Pavement needs to be redone often, produces chemicals that pollute the air, and becomes slippery and dangerous with rain and ice. The panels have the ability to raise surface temperature to ensure that any snow will melt and not form into ice and create a dangerous surface. This means no more money spent on snow removal, and no more shoveling your driveway! The panels are also equipped with LED lights that can be programmed and changed at any time. They are also able to detect impact, or pressure, so if there is – for example – an animal crossing the road they can light up the LEDs as a warning to oncoming traffic. This will avoid many accidents, and also limit the traffic levels by avoiding unexpected delays. Those who are concerned about the environment can sleep with ease as there has been a promise that the panels will be made with as many recyclable products as possible. Another benefit for the environment is that these panels do not pollute tar into the air as the creation of asphalt does. These solar powered panels create a clean energy, lowering general costs and eventually paying for themselves. Having said that, the initial amount asked for on their Indiegogo campaign was $1 million, and they have already surpassed that by over $450,000. The campaign, needless to say, is well supported by the informed community.


...and how are they going to save the economy?

The project is expected to take 10 years to get going, but the 10 years of production is expected to give the economy a boost by offering over 2.5 million full time jobs to workers that are currently in obsolete industries. If they do get this project going, beyond the 2.5 million jobs for the manufacturers – there will also be a ludicrous amount of work needed by glass makers, as well as panel refurbishing, distribution, and more. With all aspects considered, it seems like this project is pretty fool proof if you ignore the cost involved to create it.

The economy will gain from all the jobs that will be made available in the US, and when this 10 years of manufacturing is complete – the economy will continue to be injected with money from the amount of energy they will save, amongst other small benefits of the solar roadways. The question is – will the government fund this enormous project? Is the idea as good as the media has made it out to be, or is it just excellent marketing? We would love to hear your opinion. Tell us in the comments below.