The World’s Coolest Outdoor Workplaces

There’s no denying it; dull office spaces make the daily grind feel ten times worse and if you’re put to work in a place that is anything less than inspiring, it can feel really hard to be motivated in what you’re doing. Luckily, the tradition is changing and with new work forces taking into consideration the wellbeing of their staff, the office as we know it might cease to exist.

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Where companies like Facebook and Google have been leading the change for years, others are stepping up and taking over the reins, transforming their work spaces beyond recognition. At the top of the business game, these offices have done one better; moving their workers into the heart of mother nature in order to inspire them to be the best they can be. If you like outdoor living, you’re going to love this and before we all know it, outdoor work spaces might just become another part of our reality.

1. KPMG Center

KPMG Centre
Liquid Space

When the sun is out, there are few other places that most people would like to be if they are not in the fresh air. In a city like Los Angeles, there is rarely a day in which the sky is not blue and the sun’s not shining, so taking full advantage of the gorgeous surroundings seems to be in everyone’s best interests. Whilst tourists sun themselves on one of the city’s neighbouring beaches, city workers can become increasingly frazzled, and frustrated. Luckily, however, there is another way.

The KPMG Center is a workspace formed with the most Californian of mentalities. A sweeping conference centre in downtown Los Angeles, the building boasts an impressive and ever so tempting outdoor workspace, perfect for catching some late afternoon rays whilst you catch up on your emails. Able to accommodate up to 200 people, it’s a little wonder that new businesses are flocking to the KPMG Center, hoping to catch up on some networking in one of the breeziest city spots. If you want to house all of your staff, you are more than welcome; the building charges $1,200 per half day for 200 employees to use the space, bringing happiness and productivity to the crowd.

2. Red or Dead

Britain gets a hard time of it. Located in an unfortunately exposed position in the world, the country is often battered by dull rain, strong winds and perpetually grey skies. When the sun does come out, however, the Brits are some of the most appreciative around, so it makes complete sense that some of the country’s most innovative brands have their own outdoor spaces, for the rare sunny day.

British design company Red or Dead might not be located in the most glamorous of places, but it does have something very special up its sleeve. Nestled in the sleepy outer London town of Middlesex, the office consists of an outdoor teepee getup, constructed in the middle of a leafy green space. Thanks to its reclaimed wood covering, the teepee acts as a permanent shield from the weather, enabling founders Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway to work in peace, whatever the weather. Split into two levels, the hand-made structure features a communal meetings space and group seating, making it the perfect place to spring around a new idea or two. A stone’s throw from London with all the beauty of the English countryside, it’s not hard to see why Red or Dead chose to make their Middlesex teepee the home for its main offices.

3. Jay Suites

Jay Suites
Jay Suites

The New York skyline has been featured in cinema and art for so long that it is now considered as iconic. Workers in the big city, however, rarely get a chance to appreciate the majesty of the urban space up high, as they are confined to office blocks which are short on space, creativity and inspiration.

Pushing the remote worker to realise their potential, the Jay Suites in New York is a space like no other. Situated practically within touching distance of the city’s Empire State Building, the office suites are the stuff of entrepreneurial dreams, yet they will barely make a dent in your wallet. Boasting some 175 furnished office suites, the space also makes way to gorgeous urban terraces, which hosts one of the best panoramic city views around. For a fee of just $25 per day, workers and startups can access the view of their dreams, and become inspired by the city that has spurred on so many successful companies. Whilst we admit that getting anything done might be a little tricky when the view looks that good, there are few other places we would want to work; a single look at the airy terrace is like opening up the doors to endless inspiration.

4. Hubud

For most remote workers, being a digital nomad is the ultimate dream. With the ability to work when and wherever they want, digital nomads have the entire world to call their office space and, as long as they have access to a good wifi signal, can make anywhere on the planet their home and business hub. Unsurprisingly, it is the tropical countries which have benefitted most from this new way of working; you can also pinpoint some of the most innovative and inspiring minds in the hottest places in the world,.

Top of the list is the Hubud working space in Bali, a tropical garden space with its own wooden huts and neighbouring paddy field. A co-working space open to anyone who can afford up to $275 per month, Hubud is the place of many entrepreneurs’ dreams, and really is a little slice of paradise. With its own raw food cafe on the premises, users of the space can experience some of the finest working conditions around and when work looks as good as it does in Hubud, it’s a wonder that anyone ever manages to leave. Originally opened as a space for a group of local freelancers, the office space soon grew in popularity, and with remote workers from across the globe turning up, the founders are looking to expand the Hubud mentality elsewhere across the world.

5. Techspace


Workers in Manhattan are beating a path to work in one of the city’s few outdoor office spaces, and it’s not hard to see why. With stunning panoramic views, whatever the direction, the Techspace offices in lower Manhattan are one of the best places to be in the city. Charging a mere $35 per day to use the space, it’s hardly surprising that the interest in the location has skyrocketed.

Better yet, Techspace is founded on the idea of business community. As well as being a great place to work whilst enjoying the sun, it can also be the perfect place in which to make essential work contacts. Startups which flock to Techspace can be counted as some of the most innovative and industry-altering startups, so if you’re looking to pick the brains of the best in business, it is the perfect place to go. Open air and vibrant working environments are much more likely to fuel inspiration and positive thinking, and the outdoor workspace in the office is a large part of that. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of the vibrant city, it’s hard not to be creatively fuelled in the office space and if you’re an outdoorsy person with a tech-savvy mind, this just might be the perfect outdoor working environment. Charging $35 for a one day pass, Techspace’s outdoor workspace, is totally worth it.

With access to inspirational views, inspired minds and some of the most stunning nature in the world, it’s little surprise that the outdoor workspace is becoming increasingly popular. While the rest of the world continues to work in the same dull spaces, freelancers and entrepreneurs are benefitting from what the world has to offer.

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