The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Cards

gold christmas card gildedagegreetings

Luxury card maker, Gilded Age Greetings, based in Florida and New Jersey, produces customized handmade cards painted on calfskin vellum, a type of medieval parchment, the price of which could amount from $395 (£253) to a stunning $10,000 (£6,395). Designs are painted in 23k gold and decorated with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds and amethyst. 

The company’s team of artisans meticulously craft all of the handmade Christmas cards, which are all a masterwork of design and detail. Under the Signature card series, one can find luxury Christmas cards finished with gemstone accents and real gold leaves or platinum gilding. Moreover, Swarovski crystals are often used to add a glittering effect on the card. 

Besides crafting Christmas cards, the luxury card company creates a variety of cards for different occasions including, but not limited to, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding cards, thank you and congratulations cards.

Interestingly, the company has orders from customers all over the world and it can take up to a month for a bespoke card to be created. Watch this fascinating video to find out more about this lucrative business venture.

And finally a word of wisdom: If you decide to order a luxury card from Gilded Age Greetings, make sure it doesn’t get lost in the post!