The World's Second Richest Man Proposes a Three-Day Workweek

The Mexican telecoms billionaire, Carlos Slim recently proposed the concept of a global three-day workweek at a business conference, claiming that working three days a week perhaps until 70 or 75 would make a positive impact on the global working population’s productivity.   

The proposition is also based on the argument that the initiative is expected to promote 'the innovation potential of individuals, companies and even nations'. Working fewer hours a week means that workers have more free time to engage in personal creativity and passion projects. This is something that Google successfully implemented; with the introduction of Google’s 20 percent time which allowed employees to spend 20% of their workweek on thinking up and developing original ideas. 

Slim said that “Having four days [off] would be very important to generate new entertainment activities and other ways of being occupied”. On top of this, the real genius behind the three-day workweek plan is that it will provide humans with extra time to build essential skills and find ways to become useful in order to be able to compete with robots and other technologies that seem to take over vital white-collar jobs. Well-rested workers would have more freedom to dream up new concepts and innovations that could guarantee a better human well-being and welfare. 

The telecoms tycoon suggested that short-week workers would be compensated the same as they did full-time. This is the case for its telecom company, Telmex, where those entitled to retirement have the option to work four-days per week on full pay.

A critical question to be raised is how things would change if people were only working three days a week? Would they use these four days to really benefit themselves and their society or just spend this time endlessly on watching the latest seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’? What do you think of Slim’s three-day workweek plan? Please have your say in the comment section below…


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