The Worst Types of Co-Workers [Video]

BuzzFeed employee, Matt Bellassai, came up with yet another interesting issue to talk about on his weekly video series, "whine about it". Now, in case you aren’t familiar with this interesting little video series let me explain. This is not your ordinary video series. No, this is BuzzFeed, so every week Matt is paid to get drunk (on wine) and ’whine’ about whatever is pissing him off the most at the moment, and in this episode he decides to unleash his wrath on his co-workers.

Of course, the video is not just about any co-worker, it is the worst type of co-workers. The one’s that will touch or steal someone’s else property, talk too loud on the phone, be constantly late or even talk to you while you are trying to use the bathroom. However, due to his rather inebriated state, by the end of the video Matt just ends up insulting all of his co-workers, just for our amusement. Yay for drunk people.

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Check out this video and let me know if you too have ever found yourself in a similar situation or whether you ever met any of these people in your workplace. If yes, feel free to share the experiences you had with them in the comments section below. This could refer to either a drunk co-worker moaning about you or the types of co-worker Matt is whining about, it’s your choice.