Things You Must Never Do If You Want To Be Successful

Successful people have outstanding characters; both inwardly and outwardly. They are well aware of what habits to pick up and which ones to drop to ensure success and great achievement. We more or less know most of the things they do on a day to day basis but how about those things they don’t do? Have a look at some of them;


#1: They Don’t Focus too Much on Perfection

I know how ironical this sounds considering the myth that ’success comes with perfection.’ However, if you desire to be emotionally intelligent, understand that perfection is non-existent. Successful people realize that prioritizing perfection only leads to disappointment as failure is inevitable. Therefore, instead of wasting time being perfect, use the time and energy to enjoy what you have been able to accomplish.

#2: They Won’t say yes Often

So you desire success but find it hard to say no? Well, trouble ahead for you! You better change this habit right away as it is evident that emotionally intelligent people say yes only if they have to. A research conducted at the University of California proves that people that have a hard time saying ‘no’ experience stress and depression compared to those who find it easy to use the word. Don’t be afraid to say NO if you truly aspire to succeed.

#3: They Won’t Hold on to Grudges

Humans respond to grudges by releasing negative emotions which lead to bitterness and stress. When we imagine what happened, we go into the fight-or-flight mode which is very destructive especially when the event at hand is ancient history. Emotionally intelligent people know that not only are they jeopardizing the growth of their businesses by holding on to grudges, they are exposing their bodies to heart disease and high blood pressure. Learn to let go of grudges for the sake of both your body and your career.

#4: They Won’t die Trying

Successful people have capitalized greatly on their emotions. They know quite well that their success depends on emotions. They realize that they will need their strength and energy to fight the next day and hence won’t die trying to fight a battle which can leave them destroyed. Be wise in knowing how, when and where to choose your battles if you truly want to achieve greatness.

#5: They Forgive but won’t Forget

People who have made it in life have come to the realization that protecting themselves against repeated mistakes is crucial. If you wrong them, they will definitely forgive you and move on but at the back of their minds, they will keep record of it so that it doesn’t happen to them again. I find this exceptional because it is a survival tactic in the world of business. “Don’t hold a grudge or live in the past but always remember what happened so it doesn’t repeat itself.”

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” David Brinkley


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