How to Think Like an Innovator

Innovation is something we all aspire to possess in our careers. We have long been told that successful entrepreneurs and business people are successful exactly because they are innovators and it is true that applying innovation to your mindframe can help you achieve better results at work.

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What separates the innovator from the average professional is that innovators are constantly pushing boundaries; they never settle with successful and established practices because they know that greatness lies with breakthrough ideas.

An innovator in the workplace can do great things to advance in the professional world as well as become respectable in his or her industry for their forward way of thinking. If you are not innovative by nature you might think that you have lucked out and that greatness is not achievable for you, but the truth is that you can learn how to think like an innovator and the guide below will help turn you into the innovator you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

1. Understand How You See the World Differently

The first thing you should understand about being an innovator is that no one ever thinks in the same way. People who have similar experiences in life still perceive the world in a different manner and in order to get your innovative thinking going you need to understand how it is that you see the world differently.

Start by observing the world around you as if it were new and make it a point of finding new things you hadn’t noticed before on a daily basis. This will reshape the way you think and it will help you see potential where you wouldn’t have seen it before.

2. Tap Into Your Different Skills, Experiences and/or Background


The reality is that no two people live the same lives and if you want to think like an innovator it’s important to find what separates you from the rest of the people at work. If you have a different educational background consider how you could apply those disciplines to your work- sometimes the key to making a breakthrough at work is by overcoming default practices.

Similarly, if you have different skills it’s important to tap into them and see if anything can be used to your professional advantage.

In order to start thinking like an innovator it’s important to find what distinguishes you from the rest of the people in your industry and use that as the basis for a breakthrough idea.

3. What Is the Problem You Can Solve?

Work is almost always about how the company can advance, what new products it can make, how it can market its products to a new audience etc. but if you want to think like an innovator you must first think of what your customers’ problems are and how you can create something that can facilitate their lives. So, don’t think of what new product the company can come up wuith, think of what customer need has not been satisfied yet and come up with a solution for that. Sometimes, just by flipping the situation around you can help you come up with something innovative.

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Being an innovator is about being in the right mindset and in order to do that you need to be in sync with yourself to understand what makes you different.

Do you think like an innovator? What do you think defines innovative thinking? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.