This Equation Will Help You Calculate Your Potential For Success

Can success really be calculated? Can you have an equation that will help you know or foresee success? Success can be determined or accessed once you understand your potential for it. According to business writer and consultant Brian Tracy success and human potential are a matter of exploiting talent and attributes.

The Equation

Tracy states that individual potential is contained in an equation, IA + AA × MA = HP. HP stands for human potential. IA represents inborn attributes – qualities that are fixed at birth, including race, gender, parents, and date of birth. IA is fixed and cannot be changed because these elements are determined at birth.

AA represents inborn attributes, the knowledge, skills, range of experience, levels of education, wealth, and abilities that you have gained or developed as you matured. Unlike inborn attributes, acquired attributes can be changed over the course of time. AA is a variable and not fixed. Why?

No one is born educated, to a certain degree we are all born ignorant. Understandably we must seek out knowledge on our own. Furthermore no one is born rich. Though our parents or relatives may possess a vast fortune, the fruits of their efforts will only come to us through inheritance or the knowledge of how to utilize those riches.

Since we are born ignorant and with nothing our success could be determined by an inheritance or with the knowledge we have acquired over time. Acquired attributes need not be barriers. History books are replete with examples of men and women who, though born impoverished, mapped out a life that led to them to wealth and abundance.

Regardless of your circumstances, you could become accomplished and successful. You can develop, improve and change your acquired attributes over time through study, patience and, practice. The process can be slow and deliberate, requiring discipline and considerable effort.

The Factor You Can Control

The element you control the most in the equation is MA, mental attitude, which is the heart of the issue. Your attitude, whether positive or negative, will impact your level of human potential. Since the quality of your attitude can be improved almost without limit, even a person with average inborn attributes and average acquired attributes can perform at superior levels if he or she possesses a positive mental attitude. And unlike the other variables in the success equation, your attitude can be improved immediately.

According to Tracy, this is why it is your attitude as much as your aptitude that determines how much you will accomplish. Your attitude is the lens through which you view life. It is your general mental state and the outward expression of your thoughts and feelings. Your outer world is an expression of your inner world. Developing a positive, right mental attitude toward yourself and your life is the first step to unlocking your full potential.

Whether your fixed factor is favorable or not; the variable, AA, is dependent on YOU. That is why there is MA. With MA you can make things work to your advantage. How much success you attain is much dependent on you. And it is time to favor yourself with those possibilities.




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